The popular children’s effect entitled “The Colouring Book” uses a clever principle. The effect allows you to show a colouring book that contains black and white illustrations. The crayons inside a box are vanished magically, and now the black and white colouring book is shown to contain the same illustrations, but they are now beautifully coloured in full colour! In another version, the colouring book can then be shown to contain blank pages, giving a total of 3 transformation in the same book.

Here is another creative use of the magic principle. Instead of the black and white illustrations in the book becoming coloured, the illustrations in the book turn upside down, or more correctly, rightside up!

Here is the full effect. The performer shows a book containing an illustrated histroy of rockets. As the performer flips through the pages of the book, the audience gets to see beautiful pictures of rockets on one side, and the names and brief descriptions of each rocket and their history on the facing pages. The book contains 8 different rockets, featuring rockets from USA, Russia and China. The book also contains 3 non-rocket items, but they have “rockets” in their names: they are “Houston Rockets” (a basketball team), “Johnny Rockets” (a burger chain), and Radio City Rockettes (a dance group). Perhaps, they are added in for laughs.

The performer closes the book and turns it upside down. The audience can see that the cover is upside down. When the pages of the book are flipped, the descriptions of the rockets are upside down (as they should be), but all the rockets are seen the correct way up!

The performer now turns the entire book around 90 degrees. He flips through the pages. The wordings on one side of the book are seen with the wrong orientation, but the pictures on the other side of the open book are all in the correct way up! Wow!

Finally, the book is turned back in the correct way up. Every page in the book are shown to be facing the right way up for reading!

You receive the large book, measuring some 12 inches X 12 inches, and the pages are beautifully printed in bright colours. You also receive a card containing a link to a video tutorial.

The book is large enough to be used for stage performances. It can be presented in a kids show or an adult show because the theme is on rockets. Plus, the adults can appreciate the other non-rocket items that have the name of rockets in them.

Scott Green, in the video, teahces you how to trim out the pages of the non-rocket items if you do not wish to show them in the book. Scott also shows you how he performs the Rocket Book in his kids shows. He performs the Rocket Book effect in conjunction with a tupsy-turvy bottle-in-cylinder trick. He also shows you how to take care of the flip book so that it will last for many more shows.

A large and colouful effect that is sure to entertain any audience. The subject matter gives you different ways of performing the effect. (5/5 stars rating)