IBM Singapore Ring 115’s September meeting was held on the evening of Thursday 15th September 2022 at the Drama Center. The theme was “Magic With Props”. The attendance was 26 people and this included 2 overseas guests brought by our patron Fernando Ng.

IBM Singapore Ring 115’s September meeting was held on the evening of Thursday 15th September 2022 at the Drama Center. The theme was “Magic With Props”. The attendance was 26 people and this included 2 overseas guests brought by our patron Fernando Ng.

The meeting was hosted by Derek Lee in the first half, and Siew Kim Siang in the second half of the evening.
The meeting commenced with John Teo announcing the Yellow Ribbon Run and the 70th Anniversary Dinner.

Thomas Yeo was the first performer. He had 2 cards, each placed inside a transparent cover. Despite this constraint, he was able to cause 2 of the 20 colour dots on the first card to be transferred to the second card which was initially shown blank. In his second effect, he had 5 members of the audience each drew a simple picture in secret onto a clipboard and then placed inside an envelope. He was able to identify which drawing was done by which audience member.

Kenneth Chia displayed a board featuring 8 different flavoured moon cakes. He had everyone from the entire audience participated individually and secretly to themselves. Each of us had a free choice in moving from one moon cake to another, before a moon cake was eliminated. Eventually, only one moon cake was left. It was a surprise that everyone in the audience ended up with the same flavour moon cake. He showed an empty bun steamer, and then magically produced a real moon cake with the chosen flavour in it. He then played tic-tac-toe with our patron Fernando Ng. The game resulted in a draw. However, when the completed tic-tac- toe board was turned over, it revealed a large photograph of a twin version of Fernando. With this he officially wished Fernando a happy birthday in advance as Fernando’s birthday fell on the following day.

Victor Heng had a volunteer spelt to his favourite day of the week, then his favourite number, his favourite food and his favourite colour, using a small packet of playing cards. This resulted in 4 freely chosen cards. When the 4 cards were turned over, they formed the 4 numbers found in the number plate of the volunteer’s car.

Gician Tan displayed an empty man’s shirt collar inside a container. In another container, he had 6 different colour bow-ties. A volunteer freely chose a colour bow- tie. Both containers were closed. When they were opened again, the chosen colour bow-tie vanished from the bow-tie container and reappeared with the collar in the other container. Gician then showed 2 empty cylinders that nested into one another. Magically, a wine bottle appeared within the cylinders. Just as fast as it appeared, it vanished and lengths of ribbons came streaming out of the cylinders.

Lim Teck Guan performed a version of the guillotine card effect using a packet of playing cards with a hole punched through the lower parts of all the cards. A card was taken out of the packet and a string strung through the holes of the other cards

in the packet. This card was able to penetrate the string and reconciled back into the packet of cards. In his next effect, he showed how 2 loops of string could magically pass through each other. He passed one of the loops through his own neck.

It was dealer’s demonstration time just before the break. Jeremy Pei demonstrated matching card, chameleon packet card trick, clip card monte, and “What’s Next?” board with dots on both sides.
After the break, DIY expert Kenneth Chia taught us how to construct magic props using paper, plywood, foam, sheet magnets and button magnets. He displayed some of his completed handiwork which were beautifully constructed at home. Kenneth then taught us how to do a linking paper loops illusion effect and gave each of us the paper template to perform that trick.

Jeremy Pei performed “Dynamic Coins” where coins were magically transported from one container to another. He then used the Jim Steinmeyer’s “Chameleon Skin Wallet” to house a packet of green back cards as well as a packet of red back cards. With the 2 packets of cards, he performed an “Oil & Water” effect, and then the wallet changed from brown to green and to red.

Charles Choo caused one of 2 coins inside a coin wallet to penetrate through the wallet. He made a playing card vanish from an envelope and reappeared inside an empty box. He had a volunteer secretly moved wooden rods strung around a metal ring, and he could tell how many of them were moved.

Ng Kah King used one card depicting a happy emoji to magically transform 4 cards showing sad emoji to all happy emoji cards. He then performed a trick with the “What’s Next?” board with a different presentation to that performed by Jeremy Pei earlier. He concluded with “ESP Coincidence Board” where the audience decided where each of the 5 ESP cards would go on one side of the board, only to match exactly the set of ESP cards placed earlier on the other side of the board.

John Teo performed using 2 props manufactured by the now defunct Supreme Magic Company. In “Popsey Pegs”, he used the power of his mind to cause the correctly selected colour ribbon out of 4 different coloured ribbons fixed on a wooden frame to mysteriously pop out of the frame. He then used his mind again to pop out 2 other ribbons, leaving the last colour ribbon on the wooden frame which turned out to be the second selected colour ribbon. In “Cash In, Cheque Out”, he produced 3 currency bills in increasing value before he caused a gigantic cheque of one million good wishes to appear between the 2 empty panels.

The last event of the evening was the lucky draw where 2 lucky members received a magic DVD each.