IBM Singapore Ring 115’s first meeting of the year 2023 was held on Sunday 15th January 2023 in Function Room 1, Level 3, of the National Library building.

IBM Singapore Ring 115’s first meeting of the year 2023 was held on Sunday 15th January 2023 in Function Room 1, Level 3, of the National Library building.

JK Tan and Carson Goh were the co-ordinators, and the theme was “Magic with Everyday Objects”.

JK welcomed Arissa, a guest of Alvin Terrence. As a part of the Chinese New Year celebration, each attendee was given a gift pouch containing celebratory banners and various items related to the Year of the Rabbit. The gift was the generous contribution of Gician Tan.

John Teo was tasked to give feedback on each performance based on 2 aspects – the Technical Ability and Scripting of each performer.

Gician Tan was the first performer and he demonstrated and taught linking safety pins using 2 large but non gimmicked golden pins.

The next performer was John Teo who did “Sympathetic Matchboxes” in which the movement of the drawer of one empty matchbox seemed to influence the movement of the other empty matchbox even though the 2 matchboxes were not connected to one another.

Kenneth Chia as usual came dressed for the occasion with a rabbit as his head gear. He produced Chinese celebratory banners & decorations from ang pow envelopes. He ended this part with the production of a large fish followed by a giant fish. His finale was successfully converting foreign bank notes to Singapore notes.

David Fillary borrowed three 50c pieces from the audience and performed Daryl Martinez’s “Elbow, Knee and Neck” coin effect. His next act was a murder mystery. Using 5 volunteers as murderers and 1 as the victim, he magically found the murderer. Dealer Goh Yin Xian demonstrated “Yu Fu Yee Chun”, a Chinese New Year effect, vouchers to money, Chinese New Year deck of playing cards, David Regal’s “The Long And Short Of It”, The Web Returns, a set of gimmick dice, and Joel Dickinson’s “Volition Blue Chips”.

There was a 10 minutes break after which Carson Goh took over as the coordinator. Satish Kumar started the 2nd session. He performed “Tissue Over The Head” with
guest Arissa.

Ng Kah King did “6 Bill Repeat” with all the bills finally vanished inside a bottomless box. Next, he was able to produce from inside an envelope one of the 3 possible coin combinations named by a volunteer. He then distributed the special envelopes he made to all the attendees.

Thomas Yeo wrote the digits “1”, “2”, “3” and “4” on each of 4 small cards, and caused the digit “1” to vanish. Next, a spectator randomly eliminated 4 of 5 ang pow envelopes. Unfortunately, the envelope left behind only contained a greeting while the 4 envelopes eliminated contained a $10 bill in each envelope. He closed with a colour changing bag routine where the inside of the bag changed to a different colour each time to suit the different colour silk magically produced by him.

Alvin Terrence performed a “One-Ahead Prediction” routine using 3 everyday items: his car keys, iphone and a deck of playing cards.

Desmond Peh’s act started by producing a sponge heart, then many hearts and finally a very big heart in the hands of a volunteer. Next, he had a red and a black credit card. He made them change colour, vanish and appear in a wallet in different formats. Finally, he produced a pen and vanished it several times in his hands.

The last performer was Jeremy Pei, who combined his dealer’s demonstration with his magical performance. He demonstrated a dozen of high-value collectors’ items which he proceeded to retail at special discounted prices. Jeremy also showed his collection of linking rings sets, which consisted of both mini and large rings. He performed “Wild Shock”, a wild card routine from Tenyo magic, and a mental effect of his own creation in which he could divine which of 6 fruits a spectator chose. His next effect was the production, using a large mirror box of silks, garlands, flowers and decorations. He then covered the mirror box with a large foulard and vanished the box. His final effect was an intense performance of his linking rings routine using large golden steel rings.

The attendees were appreciative of the 2 co-ordinators of the evening. In-between introducing the various performers, JK Tan did short performances with drinking straws while Carson Goh gave interesting magical quotations spoken from popular magicians.

The lucky draw was the final item of the evening and it was won by Alvin Terrence. The meeting closed at 10:40 pm.