This is an excellent version of the “51 in one” card gag and card revelation.

A spectator chooses a card and buries it half way into the middle of the deck.

The performer turns the chosen card face up while it is still half-buried in the middle of the deck. It turns out to be the Queen of Clubs. The deck with the chosen card protruding from it is left on the table while the performer turns his attending to an envelope which was on the table before the performance begins.
The performer claims that inside the envelope, he has predicted that the chosen card will be the Queen of Clubs.

From inside the envelope, the performer takes out a large folded piece of paper. He unfolds the paper to show that it depicts 4 rows of the backs of playing cards. He says that they are the backs of all the 52 different playing cards in a deck arranged in rows according to the 4 suits.

He turns the large paper around and shows that the other side indeed features the faces (the indices) of all the 52 playing cards arranged in the 4 rows according to their suits. He specifically points to the Queen of Clubs that is depicted in-between the Jack and King of Clubs. The audience is smiling because they realise they have been tricked as the so-called “prediction” features all the 52 different cards in the deck.

The performer then magically plucks the Queen of Clubs and places “it” on the other side of the paper. A hole is now seen where the Queen of Clubs was previously in the paper. There is now a back of a card in-between the 2 and 3 of Clubs. The performer has apparently placed the Queen of Clubs in-between the 2 and 3 of Clubs.

The paper is turned over to show the backs of the cards once again. There is now a face up Queen of Clubs in-between these 2 cards.

The performer spreads the deck of playing cards face downwards on the table and takes out the card before and after the face-up Queen of Clubs. They turn out to be the 2 and 3 of Clubs. Not only has the spectator chosen the Queen of Clubs, she has also unknowingly inserted it in-between the 2 and 3 of Clubs!

You receive the envelope and the specially printed and folded prediction. You also receive a link to a 15 minutes tutorial where Nojima takes you through the entire set- up and performance. You will have to cut out the card depicted in-between the Jack and King of Clubs in the prediction. You also need to supply your own deck of cards which should have red colour backs.

This is a very well thought-out effect that has comedy and a strong finish as you are able to cause a card printed on a piece of paper to vanish leaving a hole and then make it reappeared in-between 2 other cards printed on the paper.

The trick is not difficult to do. You need to force a card and Nojima teaches you 2 different methods. You also need to execute Bill Simon’s prophesy card move, which is also taught by Nojima. The handling of the folded prediction is also not difficult to do. (Rated 5/5 stars)