FISM award winning magician Rocco is well-known for the invention of the D’Lites, a popular appearing, vanishing and transferring light trick used by magicians of all genres.

The “Hipp Hopp Rabbits” is similar in concept and effect. Instead of light appearing, vanishing and transferring from one hand to another hand, the performer makes a small cut-out of a white rabbit do the same thing. The rabbit pops up and vanishes back into the hand of the performer in a very quick manner.

You receive 2 special cut-outs of a cute small white rabbit. They are made of durable plastic material. They should last through hundreds of performances. There is a special design at the end of the rabbit that enables you to pop the rabbit from or retrieve the rabbit quickly into each hand. Both of them come with a velvet carrying bag in a nice decorative box. You also receive a link to a 10 minutes video tutorial.

Just as with the versatility of D’Lite, the use of the Hipp Hopp Rabbits is limited only by your imagination. However, unlike the D’Lites, performing Hipp Hopp Rabbits is more angle sensitive. They are best performed smack right on in front of the audience. Nevertheless, they are suitable for use in both children and adult performances. (Rated 4/5 stars)