This is yet another beautiful piece of magic from the fertile mind of Shigeo Futagawa.

A spectator chooses a playing card from a deck of cards, and retains it for verification afterwards.

The performer displays 3 poker- sized cards. The first card shows a film used in a camera. The second card has a picture of a small camera, and the last card depicts a tripod stand. Their backs are shown to have a red colour pattern.

The film card is placed behind the camera card, and the tripod stand card is put perpendicular to the
camera card, giving the picture of a camera mounted on top of its tripod stand, leaded with a film.

The performer asks the spectator to pose with her selected held in her hand. The performer mimes taking a photograph of the spectator with the camera.

When the film card is pulled out from behind the camera card, it shows a person’s hand holding a playing card. The hand is the spectator’s hand. Unfortunately, the card has its back shown in the picture.

The performer asks the spectator to turn her selected card around. It shows the six of hearts. The performer turns over this film card. Instead of showing a pattern back, it now shows the person’s hand holding a face-up six of hearts!

You receive all the necessary cards plus a nice vinyl case to store the cards. The instructions are written in the English language by Max Maven and they come illustrated in a printed sheet of paper. You are also supplied with an additional reveal card showing the nine of clubs, for use in a repeat performance. The back of the card shown in the hand card is a red bicycle card. You need to supply your own deck of red back bicycle playing cards.

There are some handling of the cards that you need to learn, but nothing difficult. There is no Elmsley count needed.

Instead of merely announcing the name of the selected card, this is a novel way of revealing the card. (Rated 4.5/5 stars)