“First Class” is an airline destination prediction effect. Here is how it looks.

The performer shows a promotion card issued by a new airline called SN Airlines. It promises that you can win a free trip to one of their destinations.

The performer then displays 20 cards, each card depicting a different popular city in the world that this airline flies to. Each card is numbered from 1 to 20. There is comedy involved because the 20th destination is to Party City, a famous retailer store selling party supplies, and not a proper city.

A spectator freely names a number, say, number 11. The performer takes out card number 11 – it has Paris as the destination.

The performer spread the cards and shows that had the spectator chosen any other number, she would have ended up with other cities. The promotion card is turned over and it reads “Congratulations, you’ve won a trip to PARIS”.

You receive all the cards necessary to perform this effect. They are contained inside a nice paper case. You also get a link to a 29 minutes video tutorial conducted by Spooky Nyman himself. Spooky Nyman explains everything very clearly and he adds some comedy so that you will be entertained while you watch and listen to the video. His even has a Simon Cowell look-alike as his spectator in his performance in the video.

Here are the plus points regarding this trick:

  • The effect is straight forward and easy for the audience to understand.
  •  The force (yes, there is a force) of Paris is clever and effective and will fly by with most audiences.
  • You get 2 cards that are equivalent to the Jokers in a deck of playing cards – only one of them is used and this plays an important role in misdirecting the audience. – 15 –
  • You get another card that is specially gimmicked to enhance the effectiveness of the trick. You can choose to perform the trick without using this card, but it is there for you to use if you wish to.
  • The graphics of the various cities on the cards are beautiful and colourful. This is an effect you will enjoy performing. (Rated 5/5 stars)