“Chosen” is a version of “51 Faces North” card effect by Stewart James.

In effect, a spectator freely selects a card. The deck is turned face upwards and the chosen card is inserted face down into the deck.

When the deck is spread face up, the face down chosen card is turned over to reveal its identity. It matches exactly a prediction card placed by the magician before the performance.

There are many versions for this type of effect. What makes “Chosen” different from the others? Firstly, the card selected is not forced. At the conclusion of the trick, the entire deck can be spread freely either face up or face down to show each and every card.

You receive 2 sets of gimmicked cards and a link to a video tutorial. The gimmick cards come in both red and blue back bicycle cards, as well as both red and blue back phoenix cards. In any one performance, you need to use one gimmick card from each of the 2 sets.

The effect is easy to do, and there are no performing angles to worry about. Because of the special cards, the handling is straight forward, and this makes the entire effect very convincing. Ron has an interesting patter which you may want to incorporate in your performance.

Ron mentions the effect called “Placebo” by Mark Calabrese. He explains how you can use the gimmicked cards to perform this trick.

Once you try out the gimmick cards, you will find that you can perform this effect almost effortlessly. This is what makes the trick so strong. (Rated 4.5/5 stars)