“Mental Key Prediction” is a “Room Service” type key-fob prediction.

In effect, the performer shows a key that is attached to a wooden key fob. He places the wooden fob inside his shirt pocket, leaving the key hanging on the key chain outside his pocket.

He then has 4 spectators, each one calling out a random digit. He records each digit called on a small note pad. He tears out the front sheet off the note pad and sticks it onto his shirt, so that the audience can clearly see the 4 digit number. Let us say the 4-digit number is 5569.

The performer lifts the key and the key fob off from his shirt pocket. The key fob is shown to have the exact number 5569 printed on it.

You receive everything you need to perform the Mental Key Prediction inside a nice black box.

As with all TCC products, the props look elegant. The predicted number seems to be printed onto the wooden fey-fob. This is unlike other key-fob/medallion prediction effects where the predicted number ends up with a hand written one. Refills are needed and you are supplied with 120 of them, enough for 120 performances if you consume one in each performance.

The metal key you receive is without the cuts (known as teeth and notches) on it. You can replace this with your own key if you wish.

You are also supplied with a small sticky note pad. This is non-gimmicked. You will need to have your own black marker pen.

You are given a small resetting tool and a link to a short but comprehensive 7 minutes video tutorial. The tutorial is conducted by Conan Liu and has a voice-over in the English language.

If you like this type of prediction effect, this is a good investment because the props look elegant and beautiful. (Rated 4.5/5 stars)