The performer displays a small cocktail menu that lists an alphabetical list of cocktails. The spectator mentally selects one.

The performer shows several cards that displays some letters of the alphabet. The spectator keeps the cards that contain the starting letter of her mentally selected cocktail. The performer does not get to look at them. Yet, the performer can divine the selected drink of the spectator.

You receive both the small cocktails menu and the plasticised cards. You also get a link to download a set of pdf instructions.

The props are small and can be put inside a pocket.

It is based somewhat on the old “age cards”, but with 2 subtle differences. The cards have transparent windows in them and the performer need not see the cards that contain the starting letter of the spectator’s selected drink.

It is easy to do and does not have any performing angle to worry about. It is a good pocket trick to show at a bar. (Rated 4/5 stars)