This is an attempt at a novel version of Max Mavem’s “B’Wave”. In my opinion, it does not succeed. However, you may like it for the novelty it provides.

On the table facing the spectators, the performer has, from his left, a small packet of cards face downwards, a single card face downwards in the middle, and to the performer’s right, a single card depicting the 4 different suits of a playing card.

The performer draws the attention of the spectator to the suits card and ask her to choice either the red suits or the black suits. Let us assume she chooses the red suits. The performer says he already knows which colour the spectator will choose. He turns the card over and its back is a red colour.

He then asks the spectator to choose either the hearts or diamonds. He again says he already knows which suit the spectator will choose. With the suit card, he turns over the middle card to reveal the Queen of Diamonds.

The performer turns his attention to the small packet of face down cards. He turns the packet face up and there are 3 cards which when placed together form a large picture of the Queen of Diamonds.

You receive all the specially printed cards and a link to watch a 2 minutes video tutorial. The video cannot be downloaded. There is no speaking part in the video, only subtitles in the English language.

The cards are beautifully printed. However, this version is nowhere close to the original version of “B’Wave”. (Rated 3/5 stars)