We had a surprise lecture by Franz Harary on 5 November 2023. About 30 members shared their magic with renowned mega- illusionist and creative illusion designer on Sunday evening at the Drama Centre at the National Library Board building.

Franz generously shared his stories of his entry into illusion

design and building, how he began and
grew as a designer and performer, his creative thinking process, and his business philosophy. He has worked with mega-pop stars since his youth, and he has also received an honorary doctorate degree for his entrepreneurial and influential work. Due to the opportunities that presented themselves in his early days, he could not complete college studies in favour of his expanding career. The magic community has benefitted from his passionate decision to build on this space through his international and television performances, original illusion designs, and magic- themed entertainment parks.

Harary punctuated his presentation with three video clips (on his career and performances, illusions, and magic-themed parks) and he addressed all questions from our members. He has spent much of his consulting and performance time in Asia, including five years in Macau, and residential performances in Malaysia and China.

Thereafter, he enthusiastically recorded individual performances from several adventurous members, each one presenting an effect. Harary regularly posts these performances on his highly popular Facebook page. He certainly earned a few more fans that evening.