“Ext’Hand” is a deck of playing cards featuring a new superhero.

The performer brings out a cased deck of cards.  From the design of the case, it can be seen that it has a picture of a superhero.  The deck of cards is taken out of the box.  The top card of the face down deck shows a picture of the same superhero.

The performer says that this picture of the superhero is only printed on the back of one of the Jokers.  The rest of the backs of the deck is shown to have a bluish design without any picture of the superhero.  The deck is turned face up and shown to conatin 52 different cards plus the other Joker.

One card is freely selected and then buried in the middle of the deck.  The superhero card is placed on top of the deck.

When the deck is spread face down, the superhero is seen to have stretched his arm all the way to the middle of the deck.  When the card at the end of his extended arm is turned over, it is the chosen card!  The super power of the superhero seems to be his ability to stretch his arm to find the selected card.  The cards elsewhere in the deck can be shown to be different cards.

The sudden appearance of the stretched arm of the superhero is quite magical.

You receive the special deck of cards all ready for performance, plus a link to a video tutorial.

The deck of cards is very well produced and is equivalent in quality to bicycle cards.  The effect is very well conceived.  Although the spectator can only choose her card from half of the deck, there is still a wide enough range of cards for her choice to be rendered random.

You are taught 2 different methods of selecting the card.  There are subtleties added in the routine to throw people off the actual working of the extended arm.  An extra double picture card is provided so that you can perform some visual animation with the superhero picture.

“Ext’Hand” is sure to captivate the audience’s attention the moment it is displayed.  The theme of superhero is current, and the use of a new superhero with extendable arm to locate a selected card gives a special novel twist to an otherwise ordinary card revelation trick.  (Rated 4.5/5 stars)