The performer places a small business card wallet on the table.  He asks 2 spectators, each to name a number between 1 and 9.  Let us say the first spectator names “6” and the second spectator says “4”.  Together, they form the number “64”.

The performer opens up the business card wallet to show that there is a coin envelope inside it.  The coin envelope is taken out and its contents poured out.  A spectator counts the coins – they total 62 cents. 

The performer apologises that it does not meet the desired total chosen by the audience.  That is all the loose change that he has with him.  He knows that he is short of 2 cents.  He dumps out of the envelope a small card with the message “I.O.U. 2 cents”.  The envelope is otherwise shown to be empty.

This seems to be an imposiible looking effect.  Members of the audience name a 2-digit number and you predicted the exact amount in the form of loose change inside a coin envelope, and with a comedy ending.

You receive everything necessary for you to perform the effect, except for the coins, which you have to supply yourself.  You are provided the envelopes, the I.O.U. messages, the special business card wallet, and 2 pages of printed instructions.

This is an ingeniously conceived trick.  Although it makes use of multiple outs, no one believes that you can provide outs for so many possible outsomes.

There are no special manipulations of the coins needed, no pre-show work or heavy mathematic involved.  You need to be able to do some simple mental arithmatics, the same type of mental arithmatics you do in your head when you make a purchase, where you calculate how much change you need to bring out.

In a way, this is jazz mentalism, but a very simple one that does not need any crib.  Audience management is important, especially in the presentation of the effect.  If you are into mental magic, this should not be a problem to you.

A little effort on your part brings in a huge impact on the audience.  Properly presented, this is a trick in the miraculous class.  (Rated 5/5 stars)