This is a pocket compass that can identify a selected item.  It can also reveal the identity of a playing card.

This is the basic routine.  A spectator chooses a card and the performer loses it back into the deck.  He takes out 4 cards and lays them face down on the table.

He brings out a pocket compass and has it examined.  He then passes the compass near each card.  The needle of the compass reacts at one particular card.  The other 3 cards are turned over and they are all not the chosen card.  The card that attracted the needle of the compass is turned over and it is the slelected, the 6 of hearts!

The performer asks the spectator to hold the compass in-between both her palms.  A magical gesture is made.  When the spectator opens her palms, she sees a design of a 6 inside a red heart in the compass!  This design was not there previously.

You receive the very nicely produced compass with a cover, with a felt carrying pouch, and the special something that enables you to control the needle of the compass.  You are given a link to a 12 minutes video tutorial where 2 more routines are taught.

In the 2nd routine, a spectator selects 2 cards: the 5 of clubs and the 6 of hearts.  The 2 cards are lost in the deck.  4 cards are laid out on the table face downwards.  The compass is examined and moved across each of the 4 cards.  The compass, that is supposed to react when it is placed near the selcted card, did not.  All 4 cards are turned over and they are all not any of the 2 chosen cards.  However, the needle of the compass points to the card box.  One card is found inside the empty card box – it is the 5 of clubs.  The spectator places the compass between both her palms.  When she opens her palms, there is a design of 6 of hearts inside the compass.  Both selected cards have been found.

In the 3rd routine, the performer brings out 3 of his personal items, eg a pen, his wallet and his earpiece.  A spectator contributes one of her personal items, say, her business card.  The 4 items are laid out on the table in a row.  The compass is passed over each item and the neddle reacts only to the spectator’s personal item.

The ability of the compass to detect a selected item as well as the magical appearance of the 6 of hearts inside the compass is truly a novel thing to see, especially when the compass can be thoroughly examined both before and after the effect. 

The downside is that the compass can only revel the 6 of hearts and no other card.  Also, in the tutorial video, a close-up pad is used to conceal the gadget that activate the needle.  This means you have to carry a close-up pad with you during a performance.  (Rated 4/5 stars)