SINGAPORE RING 115 - Apr 2012 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Hwee Lang


The theme of the evening, “Quickies (magic performance that lasts no longer than 1 minute)”, drew an attendance of 32 people.


The session began with a self-introduction by a young guest of Bosco’s -  Teng Kuan, a 13-year old school boy – and moved on to a sharing by members of their recent trip to Semarang, Indonesia for the Garuda-Merlion Magic Convention (11 – 15 April 2012). Bernard Sim, Jeremy Tan, Gician Tan, John Teo, Satish Kumar, Baharudin, Ashish Lodhavia, Fernando Ng and Kia Sin took turns to relate their personal experiences.  They were impressed by Silvan Prayogo’s efforts to organise the event and his vision to send Indonesian magicians to FISM some day.  A few of them also lent their support to the convention by conducting lectures or emceeing.  Apart from popular tricks including those involving cigarettes, and manipulation, the Singaporean visitors also had a chance to witness the local version of bizarre magic and voodoo magic.  Must be quite an unnerving encounter for some …  Bosco explained that bizarre magic involved suppressing the feeling of pain in the mind and possessing the confidence to go through the process.


Sagar who had just joined the meeting as a guest, then introduced himself and how he developed his keen interest in magic.


After welcoming Sagar to our meeting, it was magic time!  Low Hwee Lang was the amicable MC and she introduced each performer.


Derek Lee was the first performer.  He showed a sandwich type effect.  With a toss of a deck of cards from one hand to the other, he was able to extract the two cards that a spectator had randomly selected and returned to the deck.


Chew Liang Huat performed the Gamblers’ Die, where he correctly predicted the number on the top face of the die with each shake of the box that contained it.


After the break, President John Teo presented copies of the IBM Ring 115 Constitutions and wands to the newly inducted ordinary members, Justin Chua and Satish Kumar.  Welcome to the family!


Next, Baharudin performed an impossible looking psycho-kinesis metal bending of a solid, stainless-steel spoon.


Our young guest, Teng Kuan, then presented a 4-Ace transposition where he brought 4 Aces placed at different corners to congregate magically at one spot on the table.


Jeremy Tan performed a chop cup routine, making a tiny red ball disappear and reappear underneath a silver cup.  For his finale, he produced 2 tennis balls from the cup when they clearly would not fit in together there.


Huang Fu Qiang did a coin effect similar to scotch and soda; both copper and silver coins kept switching places and confusing the spectator, and with both coins finally disappearing altogether.


Gician Tan demonstrated several canes magic and silk productions which were available for sales at his dealer’s booth.


Jeremy Pei caused a spectator’s selected card to flip out of a deck into the spectator’s hands.  He also performed a visual coin through deck trick.


President John Teo opened his performance with a quickie: an interesting topological Torn and Restore card gag.  He then performed a modified version of the effect Cataclysm with the movie “Number 23” for his patter.  Playing cards had random numbers written on their backs.  A spectator chose several cards, and all the numbers on the backs became related to the number 23!  Eerie!


Wee Kien Meng aka Mr Bottle was the last performer.  He did a new effect put together by himself that involved sublimal messages.


The last portion of the evening was devoted to sales of magical effects by Jeremy Pei, Jeremy Tan and Gician Tan.


It was an eventful evening with magic, sales of magical items and personal reports of the convention at Semarang.


Reported by:

Low Hwee Lang & Alvin Terence Tan