SINGAPORE RING 115 - Jan 2012 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Hwee Lang


The first meeting of the year 2012 kickstarted with host for the evening, JK Tan, warmly welcoming all present.  President John Teo highlighted an upcoming fellowship trip to Semarang, Indonesia organised for Ring 115 members from 11 to 14 April 2012.  He encouraged members to sign up with Kenneth (trip co-ordinator) for this mini magic convention as it would be the club’s first overseas outing in a long while and a good opportunity to also know the Semarang Magic Community. Kenneth added that the trip is budgeted at around S$600 per person, inclusive of airfare, hotel accommodation, transportation and sightseeing. He outlined the itinerary and informed that the next TQR would carry more  details.

A total of 42 people attended that evening.  Three guests present did a round of self-introduction  – Erwin Kwan  (introduced by Derek Lee), Giddish with his family (introduced by Herman Yeo), and Maxwell who learnt about our monthly meetings through our website.

The three patiently waiting Yellow Ribbon Committee 2011 representatives finally had their say.  Led by Wei Ling, the team expressed their organising committee’s deep appreciation to IBM for supporting their cause to give prisoners a second chance, for the 3rd consecutive year!  What better way to say their heartfelt thanks than through a beautifully–weaved photo montage of our members working their magic among an appreciative and wondrous crowd!  Certificates of appreciation were also presented to these members who gave of their time and effort.  Well done, guys & gals!

The evening saw the induction of a new member into the IBM Ring 115 family – Derek Lee.  He solemnly pledged to uphold the IBM constitution and in exchange, received his magician’s wand!  Welcome aboard, Derek!

Eight magicians performed during the evening, with “ NO TABLES ALLOWED”:

Chew Liang Huat held a simple strip of plastic between his fingers and somehow got it to bow and limbo rock at will.

Peter Awyong produced a bright yellow flame on his iphone, with a mere flick of his finger.

Lim Teck Guan magically changed the colour of poker chips by gently crossing them over each other.  He also did a colour change with a set of thin ropes.

Alvin Terence correctly predicted the card chosen by a member of the audience – by spelling out its name (King of Spades) from a borrowed deck of cards.

Parmudi announced correctly the serial number of a S$50 note which never left its owner’s hand.  He also got a guest to sign a randomly selected card and replaced it back into the card case.  The cased cards were placed into one of Pambudi’s trouser pockets.  The guest then retrieved the same, signed card from a wallet in Parmudi’s jacket pocket.

Just before the break, President John Teo invited JC Sum and Ning to share “Mind Heist”, performed on 7 January 2012 at Sinema Old School.  With 100 people having their minds read at one sitting, it was the world’s first, and the duo earned a Certificate from the Singapore Book of Records, and a Patrons of Magic Award from our Ring 115.  Congratulations to JC Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning for their amazing feat!  JC Sum highlighted that the massive stunt had also been live-streamed, also a first.  The magic duo then demonstrated a few astonishing examples of how they reached out to capture the visual mental images of the volunteers.  J C Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning had been signed up by Fly Entertainment which would help them with their goal of promoting magic into mainstream consciousness.

JC Sum also shared that they would be organising a one-day magic convention on 11 March 2012.  It would include lectures, magic performances and a magic competition opened to South-east Asian magicians.  The eventual winner could expect publicity through multiple media platforms.

After the break, Kenneth announced the following magic events to look out for in the first quarter:
1.         Bangkok International Magic Extravaganza (Feb 23 – 26)

2.         JC Sum & Ning One-day Convention (Mar 11)

3.         Amazing Magic World (Mar 16 – 18)

4.         Magical 1 Malaysia (Mar 23 – 25)

5.         Semarang Magic Trip (11 – 14 Apr 12)

The evening’s magic performances resumed with the following magicians:

Parmudi identified the respective owners of personal objects randomly placed inside McDonalds paper bags, and also predicted the randomly selected words by 2 guests, from a couple of books.

John Teo magically joined 3 short ropes into a long, continuous one, and performed his own rendition of Hopping Halves using a silver and a gold plated coins.

Jeremy Pei rounded up the evening’s programme with a coin in bottle trick.  He showed how a standard coin could slide into the small opening of a mineral water bottle.  He followed it up with a matrix coin effect, performed first with a table and then without ie. using a guest’s hand as a table-top.


Reported  by:

Low Hwee Lang