SINGAPORE RING 115 - Jul 2011 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo

Despite a cold and wet rainy afternoon, 39 people turned up in the evening of 15 July 2011 at the usual venue at BayView Hotel.Perhaps, the theme for the evening, “Auction Night” was the attraction.


After a short announcement of forth-coming events by President John Teo, the auctioneer, Kenneth Chia, and his assistant, Baharudin, took center stage and the auction began.


There was a total of 60 to 70 magic props, books and DVDs that went under the auctioneer’s gravel.  Ten percent of the total takings went to the coffers of Ring 115 for organizing the evening.  Our thanks went to member Aw Kun Seng, who donated 6 magic books for auction where the entire takings were contributed to Ring 115.  These books were hardbacks, and with titles such as “Richard Ross’ 3 Ring Routine”, “Complete Book of Derek Dingle”, “Michael Ammar’s Encore 3”, and “Richard Kaufman’s Coin Magic”, they were collectors’ items.


We were treated to a surprise performance of cups and balls by our lady member Adeline Ng.  Her routine was well put together and the various cups and balls moves were well executed, including the final loads.  She received a tremendous round of applause from all of us.


It was an interesting and exciting evening for all.  Those who bought got good bargains, and those who sold got rid of the magic wares that they did not want.  Everybody enjoyed seeing some old and classic magic items being displayed and demonstrated.


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