SINGAPORE RING 115 - Jun 2011 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Nique Tan


This month’s meeting saw our members gathering once again at the City Bayview Hotel for yet another evening of magic. Whilst June is probably a month for most to go on holiday, and whilst we were missing some of our usual faces, we still did see many of our other... usual faces, and a healthy turnout, nonetheless.


The theme of the night was Impromptu Magic, or magic performed at a moment’s notice, with everyday objects that a lay audience, upon hearing about your incredible talents, and wanting to catch you in action (sometimes literally, to catch you, in action) might throw at you at some point in your magic career.


You’ve left your props at home.


This evening we had some guests from the Singapore Prisons, who are part of the Yellow Ribbon Project, an event that IBM has had the opportunity to be a part of once a year. One of the staff was Kenny, and he kick-started the meeting at about 8:00pm with a short presentation regarding this year’s event, The Yellow Ribbon Project Run, to be held on the 18th of September later this year.


In his presentation he thanked IBM for its support thus far and also to invite our members to yet again perform at this upcoming event, with the possibility of tailoring the magic to deliver some of the messages of the Yellow Ribbon Project.


We also had guests David Liu, a filmmaker, and also someone who is no stranger to all flourishers out there, Kevin Ho.


The performances began with Hayashi Takuya, the member formerly known as... Jackson. After setting the record straight with his change of name, he then delivered a prediction effect where he correctly predicted who would be left behind in an elimination procedure, from of a line-up of 5 people.


Chew Liang Huat then performed a packet effect where the backs of the cards changed colour. Derek Lee then took centre stage with a series of penetration effects; passing a pencil thru a spectator’s bill, slamming a coin into a box of Tic Tacs, melting a coin into a bottle of water and also eventually succeeding in placing a signed coin into a sealed can of beer.


Jimmy Lee was next and performed an entertaining Chicago Opener effect with one of our guests; subsequently reminding us all that we magicianslove having guests at our meetings! Patron Gician Tan was also busy with the pasteboards, showing a series of his handlings of card effects including Ace productions, a Haunted Pack routine as well as a Hofzinser Problem type effect using his invisible palm. Wee Kien Ming then kept with the times by performing a charming card effect using the iphone.


Even though there weren’t many official performers for the night, everyone still had lots of fun hanging around during the break and sharing their stuff in every nook and cranny of the room, with coins, cards, noodles, chicken wings and coffee.


It is during these periods of groups performing and sharing that I think the true value of having a club becomes apparent, with members laughing, clapping, and just having a heck of a good time till late.


Reported by: Nique Tan