SINGAPORE RING 115 - April 2011 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo


April’s meeting, which had the theme “Sleight-Of-Hand Magic”, attracted 40 people, of whom 2 were guests. The venue was the usual Bayview Hotel’s function room.


After the introduction of the 2 guests, Kharthik Ravindran and Ken Leong, the MC for the evening, Jeremy Tan, announced 2 forthcoming magic shows: “Mind Magic”, a one-man mental-magic show by Nique Tan on 8 June 2011, and Scape Magic Show, a magic and comedy variety show on 24 April 2011.


The first program for the evening was an induction test by newcomer Derek Lee. He successfully constructed a 4 x 4 magic square where every row, column, diagonal and other 4-square combinations added up to a randomly mentioned total. Derek than performed a colour changing deck routine and followed by an interesting invisible cum brain-wave deck effect.


Chew Liang Huat was next. He was able to cause a selected card to appear in a deck at a number randomly called out by another spectator. Bernard Sim was unhappy that many people were conned into purchasing “Power Balance” bands, a new craze recently in the market. He demonstrated and exposed the scam.


Baharudin became a snake charmer when he animated a fabric snake that shot out of a rattan basket to find and catch a selected card in its mouth. Kelvin Tung presented his own version of McDonald’s Aces where each ace visually vanished from its packet to join a leader ace.


Nique Tan did a nice version of Darwin Ortiz’s sandwich routine with a cannibal theme, and a multi-phase oil and water effect using 10 red and 10 black cards. Jeremy Pei showed us 2 new routines that he had recently put together. One was a nice coins across from hand to a glass. The other effect utilized a gigantic walnut shell and 3 large (sponge) peas, presented ala cups and balls using one cup and 3 balls, and with a large load climax. Jeremy continued with a most visual 4 coins across trick. He concluded with a matrix and reverse matrix effect that culminated to the 4 coins magically multiplying to 16 coins all over the close-up mat.


During the 15 minutes break, brisk sales was observed at Jeremy Pei’s dealer table.


After the break, magician and fire-eating man, Bosco Francis, showed us his latest fire magic: remote-controlled shooting flames, candle to bouquet and confetti explosions. Baharudin returned to the floor, this time, he produced ice cubes and ice grains from clear water, using a special ball that glowed when it was submerged in water.


Pambudi presented jumbo cards across, using envelopes with cut-out windows. He then borrowed a spectator’s watch and glasses and put them inside a fabric container. He proceeded to pound onto the container several times using a hammer. Magically, both items were unharmed and they were then returned to the much-relieved spectator.


Sleight-of-hand expert, Gician Tan, found the 3 mates to a spectator’s selected card, and proceeded to twist the 4 cards ala “twisting the aces”. He explained how the effect was accomplished, and discussed the Elmsley Count and double-lift. Gician also demonstrated and explained 3 coins production and coins across.


President John Teo admitted that sleight-of-hand magic is not his preferred type of magic. However, he went on to perform a multi-phase ring and rope routine using some sleight-of-hand. Next, he cut to the 4 aces in a deck of cards, and then produced the 2 to King of spades individually using a different method each time. Finally, he managed to sort out the entire deck into the 4 suits, each one neatly arranged from ace to king.


The final performer was Lim Teck Guan, who predicted a card selected by a spectator by throwing 2 dice.


Before the evening was over, an official Induction Ceremony was conducted to induct the following members into Ordinary Membership: Herman Yeo, Yu Xiang Zhi and Jackson Lim.


Jeremy Tan made a wonderful MC for the evening. A great exponent of sleight-of-hand magic himself, Jeremy did some magic in-between his introduction of performers. One of his tricks was an interesting triumph card routine where the deck was eventually sorted out into reds and blacks.



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