SINGAPORE RING 115 – Sep Magic Meeting Report

Written by Alvin Terence

Nothing is more impressive than an impromptu card trick with ungimmicked cards. During our monthly meeting on 15 September 2010, a pack of red poker cards and a pack of blue poker cards were left on the performer’s table for our members to impress us with their magical performances. The theme of month was “Ungimmicked Cards”; 42 people congregated at the usual Bay View Hotel, among them were 2 guests.

The coordinators of the month, J.K. Tan and Victor Heng, declared the start of the meeting and encouraged the members to perform for the meeting by announcing that all those who perform would be eligible to win a magic book sponsored by Tang Sai Thong.

Chew Liang Huat performed a triumph effect, a classic trick by Dai Vernon.

Adeline Ng performed a comedy packet card trick involving printed rabbits, top hats and apples – it ended with the appearance of a card with a half eaten apple. Adeline then placed a joker on the table as a prediction. She proceeded to ask 2 spectators to select a card each from a pack of cards. The joker prediction was torn in half vertically – when they were turned over, each was a duplicate of the two chosen cards.

Victor Heng made an announcement about the upcoming IBM convention in October. President John Teo added that there would be no monthly meeting in October because of our one day mini convention on 24 October. The November meeting would be a special meeting for members only, and would come with a buffet dinner, prize presentation for the 5 most active members of the year, several teach-ins, and a lucky draw. It would be held on 20 November 2010, and would replace our usual anniversary dinner.

Chew Liang Huat was the next performer. He placed a prediction on the table. A spectator shuffled a pack of cards by turning some face-up and some face-down. He was able to predict not only the number of face-up and face-down cards, but also the number of black and red cards.

At this juncture, member Jeremy Pei came in with Shoot Ogawa. Jeremy announced his forthcoming magic show and Shoot’s lecture. President John Teo presented Shoot Ogawa with our Ring 115 bannerette and 50th Anniversary Magazine.

Pambudi showed us a hilarious card prediction routine where he kept taking out the wrong cards from various pockets. Finally, it became obvious that the chosen card was stuck to his T-shirt at the back.

Guest Shoot Ogawa entertained the crowd with an impossible 4 cards transposition and an amazing colour changing deck routine using the pack of cards we supplied.

Tan Teck Seng did an Ambitious Card Routine followed by a 4 cards transposition effect.

Alvin Terence performed a modified variation of a slow-motion sandwich effect.

Lee Wei Liang requested a spectator to select a card and then lost it in the pack. He cut his pack in two and had the spectator’s pack sandwiched in-between the two halves. He vanished a coin only to have it reappeared in-between the deck, on top of the selected card.

Before the break, Jeremy Tan astonished everyone with an Ambitious Card Routine with a Time Machine Theme followed by a triumph effect.

During the 15 minute break, members fellowshipped with one another and had sessions with Shoot Ogaza. After the break, Jimmy Lee projected onto a blank wall pictures of what happened during the recent Yellow Ribbon Run 2010. He then gave out Letters of Appreciation to those members who participated in the national event.

J.K. Tan was able to mentally sense the number of cards placed on top in a spectator’s hand when his back was turned.

Marcus Ringli explained the theory of probability and how a mathematician would be able to use 6 questions to derive a selected card. After a card was selected by a spectator, and the 6 questions were asked. When the pack was spread on the table, it was separated neatly into blacks and reds, and the chosen card was the only card found in the pile of the opposite colour.

Gician Tan performed his own version of the haunted deck, an Ambitious Card Routine without using a double-lift, and an effective card transposition.

Vice-President Enrico Varella did not perform a trick, but treated the audience to several minutes of stand-up comedy that had all of us laughing loudly.

Ending the meeting, President John Teo found a chosen card by asking not 6, but only 3, questions, and the spectator could either lie or tell the truth with any of his answers! He ended with a Harry Lorayne’s sandwiched effect in which an unknown card sandwiched between 2 Jacks became the chosen card.

Reported by

Alvin Terence Tan