IBM Singapore Ring 115 - April 2010 Meeting Report

Written by Alvin Terence
Magically, a little humour at times can lighten things up. When comedy and actual magic are blended nicely together it is not only enjoyable, but fun to watch as well. This month’s theme was “Comedy & Children’s Magic”. It took place on 15 April 2010 at the usual Bayview Hotel function room. It attracted 29 people, among whom were 2 guests.

The coordinators of the month, Victor Heng and Kenneth Chia, surprised everyone with their rainbow afro wigs and jumbo sunglasses. In between performances by the members, they showed several magical effects with comic elements in them.

Nique Tan answered the causality dilemma to the Chicken and Egg question using cards with Chicken and Egg printed on them. He turned all the Chicken cards to Egg cards, and vice versa, all done in a spectator’s hand. Nique told a fairy tale with a pack of cards depicting the pages of a leather-bonded story book. Cards depicting fairy tale characters were transposed and animated as Nique narrated the magical version of the Cinderella story.

Alvin Terence teased the audience with a selected finger prediction and a 2-coins routine ending with a surprise vanish of the 2 coins right before everyone.

Philip Peh entertained the crowd with an Egg Bag routine. His assistant was intrigued when an egg appeared and vanished at will in the bag. He drew a face on a piece of whiteboard and the eyes and mouth of the drawn face became animated!

Chew Liang Huat astonished everyone with an ordinary pencil which he shrunk magically in a metal tube.

Jeremy Pei folded a Singapore $50 note, and from there he proceeded to produce coins. He then performed his version of the Dean’s Box with the 2 guests of the evening.

Before the break, George hypnotized the crowd and his spectator – literally. Using a Singapore dollar coin, he managed to bring a spectator into a state of hypnosis and influenced him to believe that both sides of the coin were heads, or tails, as he wished.

During the 15 minute break, members fellowshipped with one another and purchased magical items from the dealer’s booths setup by Jeremy Pei and Wee Kien Meng. After the break, John Teo gave a brief announcement on the forthcoming lecture by Tony Brook.

Enrico Varella showed a deck of cards with various Casinos backs which he collected over the years, and caused 2 cards to find not only its mate, but with matching back design as well. He then gave a lucid account on using comedy with magic. He related his own experiences on putting in comedy with magic, and gave invaluable tips on telling a joke, importance of timing and much more.

Tang Sai Thiong reiterated the importance in using the appropriate words when performing. He also explained how a book is being published as well as explaining the meaning of some of the terminologies used in publication. This was followed by a racing game played with a deck of playing cards. The 4 aces were the 4 racing cars and each card drawn determined how each of the 4 aces would move. Needless to say, the winner was predicted in advance.

Lim Tech Guan performed a children’s effect where he transposed a picture of Donald Duck from a cloth to an empty picture frame. He then proceeded to colour the picture by magic.

John Teo did a comedy prediction that contained a lot of puns. He then introduced a hypnotic wheel that could capture and transfer thoughts. The thought of a selected playing card was captured on the wheel from the entire audience and successfully transferred to a lone spectator standing at one end of the stage.

The final program was an suction of magical props by Wee Kien Meng.

Reported by
Alvin Terence Tan