IBM Singapore Ring 115 - March 2010 Meeting Report

Written by Alvin Terence
School’s out and magic’s IN! “Back to School” was the theme for March’s meeting on 15 March 2010. 43 people congregated at the usual Bay View Hotel, among them were 3 guests.

Joshua Lee a teacher by profession kick-started the meeting by sharing some of the interesting teaching encounters he had with his students and how he used magic to motive them and encourage fun learning in the classrooms. He performed a rubber band trick that required the attentive spectator to twirl the rubber band around the index finger in the exact manner as the magician in order to obtain the same effect when the thumbs met the index fingers.

John Teo gave a brief insight on the upcoming lecture by Tony Brook.

Chew Liang Huat performed a mentalism card trick where the cards were dealt on the table representing the hours of a clock. Both the card and thought-of hour by the spectator were revealed.

Charles Choo brought back memories of the famous Chinese linking ring effect by linking 2 Polo mint sweets from a fresh roll of Polo mints. He then produced a prediction of the hour mentioned by a spectator, in his wallet.

Makus pleased the weight conscious members of our Ring with a mathematical equation. He showed how a person’s weight (W) was equivalent to his/her ideal weight (I), even though the person’s weight was defined by “W = I + S”. (S = Surplus).

Lim Teck Guan had a bunch of loose rubber bands examined and then linked them in the spectator’s hands. He also managed to get the spectator to stop randomly at the 4 queens in a deck of cards as he riffled through them.

Before the break, Sai Tiong demonstrated a routine where he twisted 2 rubber bands into a star shape, and followed this by crazy man’s handcuff. He introduced his way of preparing a card corner short using a corner cutter (which could be purchased from a stationery shop) and sandpaper (600 grade). He also gave his views on the benefits between short card and corner cut.

During the 15 minute break, members fellowshipped with one another and purchased magical items from the dealer’s booth setup by Jeremy Pei. After the break, JK found a card by merely spelling to its name. He demonstrated a PK-type effect causing a match-stick to fall off a stand by simply rubbing on a Styrofoam cup to produce eddy-currents.

Alvin Terence demonstrated a pen manipulation routine where a pen and its cap vanished, appeared and then disappeared for good.

Jeremy Pei did a 3 fly coin routine using a Chinese coin, gold coin and silver coin. In the end, all the three coins vanished from his hands.

Enrico Varella performed a card effect where a spectator randomly stopped at the cards that he desired. This was followed by a linking cards effect using the frames torn out from two business cards.

Wee Kien Meng came up with an entire routine using various magazines. There were magazines that produced a necklace, a deck of cards, music from an advertisement of an iPod, a card trick in an advertisement where the chosen card vanished, and an origami clothing of a Japanese model from a poster that was torn and later restored.

Ending the meeting, John Teo entertained us with comedy magic. He produced two socks and turned them into a pear (pair), he turned a gold coin into a giant carrot (ie one caret of diamond), and hopping halves coins effect using a silver and a gold plated coins.

Reported by
Alvin Terence Tan