IBM Singapore Ring 115 - February 2010 Meeting Report

Written by Alvin Terence

February’s meeting was held on 21 February 2010 instead of the usual 15th because of the Lunar New Year celebrations. 31 people congregated at the usual Bay View Hotel.

A non-election AGM was conducted by the President in the absence of the Secretary. Immediately after this, the 1st and 2nd runners-up of the recent Street Magic Competition held at the Singapore Flyer performed snippets of their winning acts.

Jonathan Low, the 2nd Runner-Up, performed a card to pocket twice, before the entire deck ended up in his pocket, leaving the single selected card in his hand. This was followed by a poker and gambling demonstration. The 1st Runner-Up was Sng Ming Da. He successfully divined 3 cards from a shuffled deck, and performed a “what card to which location” effect, using his trouser pockets. He concluded with a thought-of card in balloon.

During the 20 minute break-time, members were treated to 3 plates of Yusheng (Chinese-style raw fish salad – an appetizer that symbolizes "good luck" for the lunar new year) in addition to the usual snacks and drinks.

After the break-time, Sng Ming Da was officially inducted into our ordinary membership. The theme for that evening was “Love and Prosperity” – a combination of the Chinese national festival (LNY) and Valentine’s Day all in one mega theme – was announced to magically usher in the LNY with abundance and love.



Chew Liang Huat did the pistol trick in which a deck of cards was formed into the shape of a pistol. Using a spectator’s card as a bullet, it went into the deck and fired off a card chosen by a second spectator. President John Teo performed a television game show “Deal or No Deal” effect where the last card with the picture of a briefcase left by a spectator contained not cash but the identity of the chosen card. He had a card freely thought-of by the joint effort of two spectators matched a jumbo card placed inside an envelope left in sight throughout the performance.

Gician Tan did a jumping 4 ace production. He then did a poker deal and again produced the 4 aces. His last effect was a card rise from the centre of a deck. S T Tong demonstrated his own versions of the Crazy Man Handcuff and torn & restored rubber-band. He taught a mathematical card effect which utilized a Faro Shuffle. Lim Teck Guan righted a wrong card by using a colour change.

The last performer was Wee Kien Meng. He came up with an entire routine using magazines. There were magazines that produced a necklace, a deck of cards, music from an advertisement of an iPod, a Lego set that magically assembled into a truck, a card trick in an advertisement where the chosen card vanished, an origami clothing of a Japanese model from a poster that was torn and later restored.


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