IBM Singapore Ring 115 - January 2010 Meeting Report

Written by Alvin Terence
15 January 2010 was Ring 115’s first meeting of the year 2010 with 41 people congregated at the usual Bay View Hotel. Among them were 4 guests, 3 of whom signed up as members.

The theme for that evening was “Street Magic”. It wasn’t surprising for some members since they had participated in a national Street Magic Competition held at the Singapore Flyer.


The evening commenced with Alvin Terence (finalist for the Street Magic Competition) who gave an interest discussion on Street Magic and its contrast with busking.


The first performance was by Chew Liang Huat, who passed a solid pen through a large solid plastic pocket watch at the time designated by a spectator. Lim Teck Guan was next. He vanished a package of cigarettes and showed a card effect. Adeline Ng performed a triumph card effect in which the shuffled deck straightened itself, with the exception of the selected card.


Jeremy Tan did an interesting cup and ball routine using only one cup and one ball. This was followed by a selected card in a miniaturized card box. Wee Kien Meng demonstrated a surreal magic effect where he caused a radio to be activated in a magazine advertisement. He then did a card trick with pictures of playing cards in the magazine. He closed with a magical assembly of a Lego toy.


‘Magic Babe’ Ning went high-tech by performing magic with her iPhone. She caused a freely selected ESP symbol to appear on the palm of her hand, and carried out a digital version of a rising card on her iPhone.


Before the break, JC Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning made an announcement regarding their performance at St James Powerhouse (The Boiler Room). They also played a trivia game regarding our Ring 115 and those members who provided the correct answers were rewarded with some freebies.


During the 15 minute break, members fellowshipped with one another and purchased magical items from the dealer’s booth setup by Wee Kien Meng. After the break, Tang Sai Thong displayed an interesting card revelation using rubber bands. He gave a short talk on the benefits of using the various types of rubber bands and various types and finishes of playing cards.


Baharudin gave an eerie performance using cards depicting pictures of the passengers onboard the Titanic. Cards were dealt at random between 2 spectators. Somehow, one of the spectators ended up with cards of passengers who escaped death when the Titanic sank, while the other spectator had cards of passengers who went down with the historic vessel. Sng Ming Da caused a signed card to be transposed from the spectator’s mouth to his. He then predicted the spectator’s friend name, and even had his initial inscribed on his hand.


Wee Kien Meng demonstrating tricks from his dealer booth. The evening ended with members crowding around Wee Kien Meng to purchase his magical wares.