Singapore Ring 115 Participates In The Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2009

Written by Jimmy Lee

The Yellow Ribbon Project is a national initiative in Singapore aimed at encouraging the community to accept the reintegration of ex-offenders, released from prisons and drug rehabilitation centers, back into society.


The Run took place o­n the morning of Sunday, 6 September 2009. Approximately 6,000 runners island-wide participated in both the 5 km as well as the 10 km run routes, including several ministers of parliament.

Being the chairman of this prestigious project as well as a member of IBM Singapore Ring 115, I have managed to get magic incorporated into this event.

The destination for both run routes was the Singapore Changi Prison. The following magicians from Ring 115 greeted and entertained the runners for the next two hours with their walk-around magic: Alvin Terrence, Andrew Lim, Baharudin Abdullah, Eugene Lim, Gician Tan, Jason Law, Jason Loo, Ng Kah King, Sandeep Singh, Tan KIa Sin and Tommy Kian.

A specially designed T-shirt was provided for the magicians. It had the following printed o­n it: “Magic is just stuff science hasn’t made boring yet”, and it had “5 of Clubs” inconspicuously incorporated o­n it.

It was a memorable day for all!


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