SINGAPORE RING 115 - January 2018 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Hwee Lang


The first meeting of 2018 was attended by 32 members and hosted by Enrico and Tommy Chiang. Following an announcement to register early for Tim Ellis’ lecture on 21 January, and welcoming of two guests, Richard Low and Wong Hui Xian, an evening of magic began with the theme ‘Classics of Magic’.

Dr Ray Loh invited his guest to lose 4 Aces in a deck through several rounds of cutting it. In spite of the ‘mixed-up’ deck, he produced the Ace of Clubs by simply spelling ‘ACE OF CLUBS’ with it. Each of the remaining 3 Aces were also similarly produced.

Andrew Kong presented the classic “Egg Bag”. He showed an empty, black bag from which he produced an egg. He went on to perform a few more tricks including vanishing the egg, as well as getting his guest to produce an egg with the same empty bag herself.

Charles Choo used a few small, empty cups to narrate how he fed his grandson different fruit juices at meal times during the day. He added that his grandson could pour himself a cup of milk in the middle of the night if he got thirsty. As he said this, he turned an empty cup over, and it was beginning to overflow with milk! He also found a guest’s chosen card randomly inserted in a deck; it matched the prediction he had set aside earlier.

Jeremy Pei performed some tricks available at his dealer’s booth. These included pulling a rabbit out of a top hat, his very own “Now Boarding” with a torn and restored travel map, and Rubik Cube-related magic.

Enrico Varella performed a US dollar bill change to a Singapore fifty dollar note. He then made an interesting power-point presentation of some of the enduring classics of magic such as cups and balls, Chinese linking rings, colour changing silks, livestock production, Professor’s Nightmare, 3 Card Monte, Egg Bag, Pick a Card, Torn and Restored Newspaper, Any Card at Any Number and many more.

A 15 minutes break allowed members to purchase from the dealer’s booth, mingle with one another and take some snacks with tea and coffee.

After the interval was “Card to Wallet” classic piece of magic. Tommy Chiang invited a guest to place a finger on his own wallet on the table. A second guest chose a card and inserted it back into the deck which he then shuffled. Tommy caused the second guest’s chosen card to uncannily teleport from the deck to the first guest’s wallet on the table.

It was a “T & R Card” classic when Derek Lee tore off a corner of his guest’s chosen and signed card and chewed on it. He then closed his mouth around the torn off corner of the remaining card and as he pulled out the card, it had become fully restored.

Lee Chong Jee performed the latest version of “Out-Of-This-World” classic card effect called “Offworld” by JP Vallarino. He placed a deck of faced-up cards on his palm and asked his guest to guess the colour (red or black) of the next card just below the topmost card. He got it right. In fact, he also got it right for the next two cards as well. Next, Chong Jee placed a pile of cards in a box and asked his guest to guess the number of red cards in the pile. Once again, the guest got it right when she said 5!

Simon Hung got a guest to mirror his actions such as shuffling a deck. The guest was then told to pick a card and place it face down on the table. Simon whispered his own chosen card to a second guest acting as observer. Simon then exchanged his deck with his first guest’s. He rifled through the deck and told his second guest to tell him when to stop. When stop order was given, Simon had rifled to a card which was same as the first guest‘s card on the table. This was an interesting version of the classic “Do-As-I-Do” card trick.

John Teo presented a twist to the classic “52 in 1 Gag Card”. He invited his guest to cut a deck, select a card and reinsert the card in the deck in a reverse direction. When the cards were fanned out on the table, the selected card, a ‘3 of Hearts’, was noted to match John’s predictions on a 52-in-1 card as it indicated exactly which card his guest would cut her deck to and where she would insert her card at! In the next effect, John invited his guest to take a virtual journey to a hotel room where he asked her to mentally pick 6 cards sequentially from a deck. John then said he had earlier entered this virtual room and saw the same cards. He had even written on the back of the 5th card as proof. When the guest’s 5th card – a ‘2 of Spades’ – was turned over, there was indeed John’s writing that ‘the 5th card was a 2 of Spades’!

Jeremy Pei started off with switching his guest’s 3 chosen cards – an ‘Ace’, ‘7of Clubs’ and ‘4 of Hearts’ -- to ‘7 of Clubs’ to hit the jackpot. He then used ‘rewind’ and ‘fast forward’ to speed up the arrangement of mixed up Rubik Cubes so that they were properly arranged in no time. Next, he presented a Rubik’s cube in an enclosed box to the audience. He held a mixed up Rubik’s cube behind his back and asked his guest to choose a colour. Guest chose ‘white’ and Jeremy twisted the cube behind his back and brought it out with a completely arranged white surface. He went to the enclosed Rubik’s Cube and removed one side of the box, revealing a white surface. Then he took out the Cube and all its 4 surfaces were also white. He aptly ended the evening’s performances with a classic “Cups and Balls” routine.

Enrico Varella was the able MC for the first half of the evening while Tommy Chiang took over and hosted the second half. It was a meaningful evening witnessing the classics of magic, many of them had their own twists in the effect.