SINGAPORE RING 115 - February 2019 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo


As soon as the attendance reached the required quorum, the AGM commenced with President John Teo thanking and presenting a token of appreciation for each member of the out-going Management Committee.  The 3 patrons also received a gift each.  They were Gician Tan, Fernando Ng and Jerry Lee.  An award was also given to each of the 6 most active members: they included Charles Choo, Chua Eng Hock, Kogi Oberoi, Cassidy Lee, Lim Teck Guan, and Jeremy Pei.

The following officers were elected:

President; John Teo

Vice-President: Enrico Varella

Hon Secretary: Tan Jui Kuan

Asst Secretary: Alvin Terrence

Hon Treasurer: Curtis Choy Tuck Wai

Asst Treasurer: Ashish Lodhavia

Committee Members: Baharudin Abdullah, Kenneth Chia, Victor Heng, Derek Lee and Tommy Chiang.

The 2 teams of Auditors:  Priscilla Thong and Kogi Oberoi; Ng Yeow Chong and Aw Kum Seng.

The AGM was over in the first half of the evening.  As the meeting was held during the Chinese New Year period, in the break that followed, 3 traditional Yu Sheng dishes were arranged for the occasion.

After the break, the newly re-elected Hon Secretary, JK Tan took over as the MC.

Induction ceremonies were held for both Ng Ek Huang and Priscilla Thong.

Kenneth Chia gave a DIY teach-in on how to make spring flowers and spring bills using the ordinary tape measure.

Lim Teck Guan was the first performer.  After a deck of cards was taken out of its case, he shrunk the container to half its size.  A red packet was produced and it contained a duplicate of the selected card.

Kogi Oberoi presented a 3-phase card routine in which 2 spectators assisted.  One took a card from the top half of a deck of cards and a second spectator took a card from the bottom half of the deck.  The 2 cards were then put back into the other person’s half of the deck.  Not only the performer, but each of the 2 spectators were able to locate the 2 selected cards.  Finally, the first spectator randomly selected a card to indicate the suit.  Kogi could name every one of the cards of the same suit in that corresponding half of the deck.

It was dealer’s demonstration time.  Cassidy Lee demonstrated the Infinity/Turner Watch, a latest version of a Smoke device, a set of prediction movie cards, and a special Chinese New Year greeting message effect.

Jeremy Pei demonstrated Selected Card In Photo-Frame, a close-up as well as stage sized Mental Logs effect which he called Mind Math.  From his own book entitled “Personal Magic Shopper”, Jeremy prepared a limited number of “Surprise Bags”, each contained at least 9 magic items, all brand new, for a small fraction of the total cost.  Needless to say, they were all snapped up.

There were 5 lucky draw prizes contributed by Gican Tan.  Everyone who attended also received a free copy of the now defunct world’s only weekly magazine, ABRACADABRA, from John Teo.