SINGAPORE RING 115 - July 2019 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Hwee Lang


We welcomed a large group - 50 attendees including 6 guests - at tonight’s July meeting held at Hotel Grand Central.   Co-hosted by Enrico Varella and Ashish Lodhavia, the theme for the evening was “My Take On A Classic (Trick)”.

Enrico Varella turned a € 50 bill into a Thai Baht ฿1,000, and with that he introduced our special guests and long-time friends of Ring 115 from Thailand, Pairuch Trarasansombat and his wife Pom.

Carson Goh, who was taking his Induction Test, was the first person to kick off the evening’s program.  He magically diminished 3 large buttons on his jacket to regular sized buttons.  Next, he caused one of 3 chosen balls to disappear, and performed a borrowed and initialled coin in a nest of containers.  Carson placed 3 small coloured bolts with nuts inside a transparent container and magically caused the thought-of chosen nut to unscrew by itself while they were still inside the container.  For his final effect, he vanished a borrowed ring only to reappear inside his personal key fob.     

Kogi Oberoi produced a copper coin and a silver coin from an invisible coin purse and performed a copper/silver coins transformation routine with a guest.

Next up was Charles Choo.   He did an interesting “one-ahead prediction” using a pair of dice, a roulette and a deck of cards.

Choo Zhe Rui was the second person to take the Induction Test.  Two guests chose a card each and then lost them in the deck.  Zhe Rui took out the pair of Jokers from the deck.  On the back of one Joker was written “18”, and on the back of the other Joker was “43”.  The 2 chosen cards were indeed found at the 18th and 43rd positions in the deck respectively!  His next effect involved a prediction of 2 playing cards and 5 guests.  A deck of cards was mixed by the first 3 guests and then cut into 2 piles and placed faced down on the palms of the 4th and 5th persons.  The bottom cards of these 2 piles matched Zhe Rui’s prediction.

It was time for dealer demonstrations.  Cassidy Lee showed an empty ancient bamboo basket steamer from which he produced 2 Rubik Cubes.

Jeremy Pei demonstrated a Miser’s Dream routine using a non-gimmicked metal bucket, Blank Backflip packet card effect, water in magazine, McComical Deck using emoji cards, and a special Rubik’s Cube effect where the image of a rabbit appeared on one side of the completed Cube and hanky to origami rabbit.

A 20 minutes break with food and drinks allow members to fellowship with one another and to patronise the dealers.

After the break, Kenneth Chia reminded all who are interested to sign up early for the AMA Shenzhen Magic Convention from 25th to 27th August 2019 at USD150 per ticket, with special discount for a group of 10 people.  Tommy Chiang also announced the forth-coming Anniversary Dinner to be held on 15th November 2019.

Visiting guest Pairuch Trarasansombut came on and presented a couple of colourful silk effects.  He then demonstrated 3 of his own creations: “Hole-Dini”, “Rabbit In The Hat” and “Bermuda”. 

Shade Soo, who would present a free lecture to us in August on bottom and second dealings and other sleights with playing cards, performed “Triple Coincidence” by Jay Sankey, using the card moves that we would learn from him next month.

Gician Tan gave a Teach-In Session on card fanning, and his own various methods of producing the 4 Aces.

In the Unboxing Session, Cassidy Lee demonstrated an ACAAN effect to introduce the various versions of Svengali Decks available in the market.  As usual, it was an educational and interesting presentation.   

Jeremy Pei introduced his guest, young Altron Tan, who is a Rubik’s Cube speed solver.  Jeremy then performed several impressive effects with the Rubik’s Cube on the theme of “Imagination versus Reality”.

This evening’s programme on the evergreen classics of magic was enjoyable with lots of funny moments, and despite ending a tad later at 10.30 pm, some members and guests still stayed back for some mingling around and shopping.