SINGAPORE RING 115 - Aug 2019 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo


Shade Soo is a Singaporean educator in a local institution, and is a member of our Singapore Ring 115. He is an expert on bottom and second deals with playing cards. He has produced 2 DVDs, one on Second Deal, and the other one on Bottom Deal. Shade is involved in Project Phoenix, where simple magic is taught to the public to help build confidence in participants.

Shade had kindly consented to give us a lecture on the Bottom Deal. He entitled his lecture “A Subway Session: A Treatise On The Bottom Deal”. The lecture took place on the evening of 15 August 2019 at a function room in Hotel Grand Central. It attracted an attendance of 50 people.

Shade commenced his lecture by performing 4 effects with a spectator.

In the first trick, a chosen card was lost in a deck. Shade tried 3 times to locate the chosen card but to no avail. He then magically changed the third card into the selected card.

In the second effect, the chosen card mysteriously shot out of the deck as Shade dribbled the cards.

In the third trick, Shade put 3 cards face downwards on the table. 3 spectators each freely selected a card each. Their chosen cards matched in both colour and value to the 3 cards placed earlier on the table.

In the fourth effect, a deck was thoroughly shuffled. A spectator named a number and Shade dealt that number of cards into a pile. The 4 top cards of the pile turned out to be the 4 Aces.

Those were the effects possible with a borrowed and shuffled deck using the bottom deal.

Shade advised us on how to keep our fingers dry before he went on to explain how to execute the bottom deal. We were brought along a deck of cards each so that we could follow along with Shade’s explanation. A special filming of Shade’s hands was projected onto the wall so that those who were seated further away from Shade could see clearly what Shade was doing with the cards and follow along.

Shade discussed the “push-off” bottom deal versus the “strike” bottom deal. He taught us a modified Marlo’s master grip, how to count the bottom cards singly, the stud bottom deal, the use of both hands as well as a one-handed bottom deal. He also explained the Gene Maze cheat method that was often used by Martin Narsh. Shade then showed us how he used the bottom deal in each of the previous 4 effects.

A 20 minutes interval with food and drinks allowed members to mingle and have fellowship with one another, patronise the 2 magic dealers, and to ask questions with Shade.

After the break, Shade went into details on the various applications of the bottom deal. Shade showed how it could be used to force a card, as well as to switch a card. He also taught us how to get the chosen card to the bottom, explained the Zarrow and the push-through shuffles, and the gambler’s cop of multiple cards and their replacement onto the deck.

After the lecture, there was a “questions and answers” session from the members. Shade’s DVD and lecture notes were available for downloading. Shade was then presented with a one year free Ring 115 membership by the Ring president John Teo.

Members were happy with the lecture because what was supposed to be a difficult sleight was made easy to understand and to learn by Shade.