SINGAPORE RING 115 - Jun 2020 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Kogi Oberoi



The theme was comedy and sucker effects. Derek Lee explained sucker-effect as tricks that had a different ending to one expected.

Derek Lee announced the cyber lecture by Naathan Phan planned for 15th July 2020. Naathan's expertise is in comedy magic and character building.

Harapan Ong introduced the Paul Wilson lecture that is scheduled for 27 July. Joining fee is S$20 and the proceeds will go to the Singapore Children's Society. Ticket can be purchased from First chance is being given to Singaporeans to purchase before the sale is opened to a wider public.

Our special guest was Joyce Basch (or MsGician as her stage name) from the
USA. She is a member of the Magic Castle and gave a run-down on its history and a first-hand insight on how it works.

We were taught a packet card trick from MsGician. She showed 4 cards comprising 2 Jack of Diamonds and 2 Queen of Spades, taken from a Pinochle deck. The 4 cards transformed to the 4 aces. She also told us a nice anecdote on the Elmsley Count. She went on to produce 6 scarves from an empty box accompanied by a humorous story on how her husband found 30000 dollars in the box. She uses chiffon rather than silk for the scarves since Chiffon is wrinkle free and when cut using a pinking scissors (saw tooth cut) the edges do not fray.

Kenneth Chia announced the postponement of FISM Asia to November 2020 and FISM to July 2022.

For his first trick he asked what came first, chicken or egg? He transformed a flat paper egg into a fully grown chicken and produced a fluffy chick in the end. In his next act he removed three cubes. At the top was an image of Winnie the Pooh holding balloons then his head and body. He repeatedly put the balloons at the bottom of the tube then the head and finally the body. He flicked his fingers, lifted the tube and magically the cubes were arranged in the right order and finally the balloons appeared in the box leaving the head and body in the tube.

Harapan Ong showed 2 red Queens and said to the volunteer that he would make his named card appear between the Queens. The volunteer named 7D. The sucker effect was that the Queens became top and bottom cards of the deck and sure enough the 7D was between the Queens. Another flick and now only the 7D was between the Queens.

Cassidy Lee magically produced a large scarf from an empty transparent glass. He then performed knots off silk where the 2 holes in the silk became the 2 eyes of a smiley face when the silk was unfurled at the end. Next he folded a dollar
that transformed into a tin of Tic Tac sweets. Finally he bit off half of a key, chewed it, blew on it to restore it and changed its colour from silver to brass.

John Teo started with a sucker effect using a small card pulled out of a sleeve with 1,2,3,4 written on it. A volunteer freely named a number, say 4, and John showed that only suckers choose 4. In his teach-in, John showed and explained Cameron Francis’ COAT effect a spectator freely chose a card that had a picture of a coat only to find that the other 4 cards had pictures that depicted the letters C, O, A and T. His last effect was a mating of a Bull Dog and a Shih Tzu toy dog to produce an offspring called Bull Shit – another sucker effect.

Harapan Ong came on to demonstrate a similar effect using 6 cards depicting 6 different country flags. The flag of France was chosen and the other 5 cards, when turned over had letters on their backs that spelt F, R, A, N, C and E.

Jeremy Pei put a drink bottle inside a paper bag and then crushed the bag. His next trick was a sucker effect. An upside down box had a prediction under it and around it was a kitty cat, a banana, a tiger and a Rubik’s cube. The volunteer chose the
banana. The prediction under the box was the Rubik’s cube and the banana turned out to be a Rubik's cube called Banacube????. He had a disc with numbers on one side and images of different coloured Rubik's cube on the other side, and 2 Rubik's cubes in a box. The volunteer chose a colour and magically one cube in the box was solved to match the chosen colour. Same effect was produced starting from a chosen number plus the whole of the second cube matched the chosen colour. His final trick was a mini illusion. He loaded a 50 dollar bill and a paper into a frame which he called a bank. He was able to pull a string through the bank and yet the bill was unharmed and only the paper was cut.

Kenneth Chia came back dressed as Phua Chu Kang, fixing Italian floor tiles. He carried a large umbrella that he made fit into a small bag. On a board he had 2 rooms tiled with different shaped tiles. He removed these and placed them in a
basket. Discarded one tile for each room. Magically the two floors were fully covered with the remaining tiles.

It was dealers’ demonstration time. Jeremy Pei showed Coins Through Miniature Table similar to that described in David Roth’s book but using a different method. He then demonstrated a bundled offer of 3 comedy and sucker effects comprising Magician’s Insurance Policy, Comedy Baby Gag card, and Super Clipped.

Cassidy Lee prepared a summary of 10 most recommended props which he would pass to the moderator for circulation to the members. They included Rubiclone, Knots Off Smiley Silk, Moreo, Key Bite me- solve one cube and the other matches. Best ever knot – he had performed this earlier. Moreo one biscuit split into more than 1 edible Oreo biscuits, Keybite, and Perfect Mirror Glass.

Two lucky draw prizes were donated by the President, John Teo and the winners were Massimo and Kenneth Chia.

The meeting ended with members directed to the 2 dealer breakout rooms for them to purchase magic effects.