SINGAPORE RING 115 - Sep 2020 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo


Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the lecture by John Carey was conduct virtually over Zoom.  

We had decided that, to show our brotherhood for other local magicians during this difficult lockdown period, we invited members of the only other magic association in Singapore, the Singapore Association of Magicians, to join us in this lecture.  

The lecture took place on the evening of 15th September 2020.  The total attendance was 47 people.

John started the lecture with a 3-phase coin routine called “Triple Symphony”.  He produced 3 coins magically, one at time.  Then he proceeded to make them invisible and “hung” them in the air on invisible hooks.  He took them down from the hooks and made them visible again.  Finally, he made the 3 coins travel magically, one at a time, from one hand to another.  This routine used 3 ungimmicked coins and standard coin sleights, and it combined 3 popular coin effects into a 3-phase routine.

His second effect was called “5 Oh?!!!” and was taken from his book “Carey’s Way”.  John was able to divine the name of a card selected and then lost back into the deck.  This very card magically re-appeared between 2 black Jacks that were taken out from the deck at the start of the performance.  The card case was shown to have the name of the selected card printed on it as a prediction.  When the deck was spread face downwards, there was an odd blue back card among the red back cards.  This card turned out to be the same as the selected card.  Finally, the entire deck is shown to consist of Jokers!  In this effect, John taught us a practical version of the Hindu Shuffle force.

His third effect was called “1 in 52.”  Someone in Zoom freely named a card, and John took out that very card from his trouser pocket.  This was John’s version of the classic Imagination Card.

A packet card trick called “Destiny” was next.  Someone in Zoom named the 4 of spades when given a choice from Ace to 5 of spades.  The packet of 5 cards was spread and the 4 of spades was the only card turned face upwards.  When it was turned over, its back had the word DESTINY printed on it.  The other 4 cards were turned over – instead of the Ace, 2, 3 and 5 of spades, the 4 cards had the letters F, A, T, E printed on them – they spelt FATE, another meaning for destiny.

John then did a 4-phase Ace routine.  He cut the shuffled deck at 4 random locations and found the 4 Aces (rock and roll Aces).  With the 4 Aces, he performed a 3-phase Aces transformation effect (a slow-motion “Last Trick of Dr

Daley”).  A version of “Invisible Palm” was next, done without the use of a fifth card.  Finally, he did “Stealth Aces”, an easy version of Ace assembly.

An interval of 10 minutes followed.

After the interval, it was magic with a rubber band.  John showed 2 different methods of the torn and restored rubber band.  They were both simplified versions of the original ones.  The first one was from Joe Rindfleisch, and the second one was based on Harry Lorayne’s “Snap”.

The next trick was a mental effect with 4 dice.  Someone from Zoom freely chose the colour red from a choice of red, blue, yellow and green.  A pouch on the table was shown to contain 4 dice: a red dice, and 3 translucent dice.  The other 3 colours that were not named: the yellow, blue and green dice faded away to become translucent dice.  This was “Dice Wave”, from his marketed trick called “Dice, Dice, Baby”.

John demonstrated his marketed packet effect called “Yours And Mine”.  A packet of 8 cards was mixed and a spectator and the performer each selected 4 cards.  It turned out that all the 4 cards left for the performer had the word MINE and the 4 cards left with the spectator contained the word YOURS.  Both packets were mixed and then they magically separated back into MINE and YOURS ala oil and water.

The final effect was another marketed packet trick called “Cinematica”.  8 cards, each depicting a famous actor or actresses, were freely mixed and laid in a row.  To demonstrate that everything was left to chance, the word C-H-A-N-C-E was spelt from one end of the row and the card at the end of the spelling was the chosen actor or actress.  A prediction inside an envelope was shown to be a picture of a baby, which could indicate any actor or actress.  When the baby card was turned over, it had the picture of the chosen actor/actress.

Altogether, 9 tricks were taught.  They were all characteristic of John Carey’s effects: straight forward and easy to follow, and presented in John’s conversational style.  There was a good mix of close-up magic using different items.  We also learnt John’s practical concept of equivoque. 

For all who attended this lecture, John offered special prices for his latest book “Reflections”, a digital bundle of his 5 books and 2 videos, and his 3 recent packet tricks.

After a bout of questions and answers, John Carey’s final words for Singapore magicians were “Share friendship through magic, and let the magic be you”!