SINGAPORE RING 115 - Jan 2021 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo

We started the new year 2021 with another virtual meeting using the Zoom platform. It was held on the evening of 15 January 2021 and attracted an attendance of 30 people. The theme was “Magic With Science And Maths”, and the host for the evening was JK Tan.

The first performer was Terry Fernando, an old friend of Ring 115. Joining our meeting from his home in Sydney, Australia, Terry was able to predict a freely chosen card, divined which cinema hall a spectator would visit, and the name of the movie screened there, displayed a chip bearing the name of a freely selected casino, and on one side of the chip was also engraved the identity of the chosen card. Terry continued by revealing a number selected from a set of BINGO cards. He recounted an interesting incident in which a lady relentlessly pursued him because she thought he was a real magician, and she needed his help. Terry ended with a video clip of his live performance of an interesting effect called “Blind Date” where he correctly predicted that the name of the date of a lady spectator was Tom Cruise, and they went to Los Angeles for holiday on 7 May.

Carson Goh wrote 5 words associated with the lunar new year. They were Happiness, Noodles, Ang Pows, Playing Cards and Smile. He tore the cards into halves and mixed them. A spectator chose one of 3 buzz phrases. The chosen phrase was “Singapore IBM is awesome”. Using the half cards to spell to this phrase, he was able to pair them up perfectly. Finally, an egg was cracked open and inside was a folded slip of paper bearing the chosen buzz phrase.

Massimo Sacco, from his restaurant in Bali, performed the floating table, much to the pleasant surprise of his diners.

Charles Choo did a version of 3 card trick using 4 cards where one Queen of Hearts and 3 tens of clubs finally became 3 Queens of Hearts and one ten of clubs.

Cassidy Lee visually transformed a bill into a credit card, and then into a watch. He set a time on a watch, and this exactly matched a time randomly named by a

spectator. A playing card freely selected magically exchanged places with a bill placed inside an envelope.

Demonstrating science with magic, host JK Tan defied Newton’s First Law by causing a coin trapped between 2 boards to creep from the bottom of the boards to the top by merely hitting the boards externally. He demonstrated magnetic induction by causing one of the two toy cards to travel slower down a metal board by gravity than the other one.

After a 10 minutes break, Alvin Terence took a packet of 10 cards from a shuffled deck. As he spelt progressively from A-C-E to T-E-N by transferring cards from the top to the bottom of the packet for each letter spelt, the cards were dealt out in order from Ace to 10.

David Fillary did an interactive trick with all of us in Zoom. He displayed a PowerPoint slide comprising the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. Each of us started on our own favourite animal, and through a series of instructions, all of us ended at the OX, the Zodiac animal for year 2021.

John Teo showed a pre-recorded live performance of a mathematical effect using stickmen that eventually led to the discovery of a pot of gold. He then demonstrated a colour pairing effect using playing cards to teach the Gilbreath Principle No 1.

Cassidy Lee returned with a dealer’s demonstration consisting of a small production chest, coin through coaster, penetrating chains, colour changing sugar packet and appearing coffee in a cup, 2 cards (2 X 9’s) changed to 2 X 10’s and then to

BlackJack, and a 3-card monte where the money-card Queen magically vanished.

Jeremy Pei provided another dealer’s demonstration. He showed Wild Card, Tenyo’s Magic Square, and Menotti’s Cubic. Jeremy then performed an interesting version of Oil and Water where the remainder of the deck magically separated into blacks and reds, plucked a paper car from a drawing and then changed it into a metal toy car, a 20th Century silk effect using socks, a novel Rubik’s Cube trick where any named colour is solved on one side of the Cube, and an arrow that always pointed to the same direction even though it was turned the other direction.

The evening ended with a lucky draw. The 2 lucky winners were Alton Tan and JK Tan.