SINGAPORE RING 115 - Feb 2021 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Hwee Lang

IBM Singapore Ring 115 held its second virtual meeting for 2021 on the evening of 18th February after the Lunar New Year. 27 members and 4 guests attended the Zoom meeting themed ‘Coins, Money & Gambling Magic’ with Derek Lee, Kenneth Chia, JK Tan and Baharudin taking turns to host it.

The 4 guests – Benwinner Kam, Siew Kim Siang, Siew Seng Ming and Tan Kar Wee gave a brief self-introduction and were warmly welcomed to join the meeting. President John Teo explained that as the meetings had been shifted to a virtual platform due to the ongoing pandemic, members’ subscription fee for 2021 had been reduced by 50% to $60 while new members would pay $25 instead of $50 for the one-time entrance fee. All were urged to pay their dues promptly, for accounting purposes. A perk to look out for by paid-up members were 2 forth-coming free magic lectures in April and June 2021.

Massimo Sacco, the first to perform for the evening, used the middle section of a Dynamic Coin Box as a ring and did a ring on and off wand routine. Then using the 2 canisters of the Dynamic Coin Box, he caused a stack of coins to appear, and then magically transferred to the other canister. For the finale, he placed a red cloth over a glass jug with a metal lid cover, and caused a silver coin to penetrate both the red cloth and metal lid into the glass jug!

David Fillary preceded his teach–in on ‘coins magic’ with a slick production, teleportation, penetration, vanishing and transformation of 3 silver coins. He went on to deliver an informative and interesting lecture covering the benefits of performing coins magic, various sleights used with single and multiple coins such as the false take, the finger and classic palms, using body language to improve performance, the 3 seconds timing rule and a discussion on using gimmicked coins.

Kenneth Chia dressed up and entertained as Phua Chu Kang (PCK), a popular, local TV comedy character. In keeping with the festive lunar new year mood, he pulled out a gigantic fish from his laptop, to signify good luck. He transformed a bunch of foreign countries’ currency notes into a stack of SGD50 notes. He then proceeded to split a SGD100 note into 2 SGD50 notes, a SGD50 note into 5 SGD10 notes, and a SGD10 note into 2 SGD5 notes, all for his ‘ang pow’ money. To increase his ‘ang pow’ money, he transformed a deck of playing cards into a thick wad of Singapore dollar notes.

After a 10 minutes break, Vice President, Enrico Varella delivered a lecture entitled ‘Miser’s Dream – A Short Treatment into A Classic, Endless Coin Production Effect in Magic’ as an extension of David Fillary’s earlier presentation. He shared the effect and the method, its brief history, the various types of buckets or pails to use, the books and DVDs on the subject, and highlighted some magicians who popularised the effect. He played 2 interesting videos featuring famous magicians Al Flosso and Teller – each with their contrasting styles of performing the Miser’s Dream. Within IBM Ring 115, he recalled JC Sum and Jeremy Pei, who also performed the Miser’s Dream.

President John Teo showed a picture of a bull, in reference to the lunar new year of the ox. However, the picture was in 3 sections – head, body and tail. After shuffling the 3 pieces, the order was incorrect and could not form the picture of the bull. He turned the 3 pieces face downwards, made a magical gesture, and when the 3 pieces were turned over face upwards, they formed a correct picture of the bull! He then produced 2 coins – a gold and a silver – from beneath the tail section. With these 2 coins, he performed his own version of the “Hopping Halves” coin trick.

Jeremy Pei transformed a stack of blank papers into US dollar bills, and then changed them into currency notes from different countries. He performed a miniature version of Gozinta Box in which a sad emoji on the outer box was transformed into a happy emoji. His next effect was David Roth’s “Coins Through Miniature Table” but using a different method. Finally, he displayed “Jenzo”, an effect reviewed in the recent “The Quantum Ring” newsletter.

In his dealer’s show, Cassidy Lee demonstrated 3 tricks conceived and manufactured by his own company. “Scotch and Soda V2.0” was an improved version of his original set made up in Singapore coins. In “Gong Xi Fa Cai”, an ang pow packet was turned into a wad of SGD100 notes, with just a wave. Lastly, in “Ka-Ching”, a selected card magically transposed with a SGD50 note placed inside an envelope.

Jeremy Pei returned to conduct a virtual auction of 6 selected Magic Warehouse Clearance Sale items. They were “Bills Repeat c/w Himber Wallet, “6 inches diameter light Jumbo Coin”, “Airbourne”, “Silk From Egg”, Martin Lewis’ “Cardiographic”, and a close-up carrying case. All items were successfully bided.

The long but interesting meeting ended with a lucky draw where prizes in the form of ang pows with real money were won by five lucky winners. Some members stayed around in the Zoom platform long after the virtual meeting ended for fellowship and more magic talk.