SINGAPORE RING 115 - Dec 2021 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo

The lecture by Spanish magician Victor Pina was our last lecture for the year 2021.

Amid the pandemic, the lecture was conducted virtually on the evening of 15 December 2021. It attracted an attendance of 30 members.

Victor Piña is a rising Spanish magician star. At only 27 years of age, he had done over 700 performances in theatres and more than 200 lectures for magicians. He is what we call, a magician’s magician.

His opening effect was a “White Deck” routine. A deck of playing cards was shown to be unprinted, and consisted of blank cards. 4 of the cards were magically printed to the 4 aces. Then the entire deck became printed with both faces and backs.

Victor took one card and stood it on one thin edge on the table without any visible support. The card could be moved to another position on the table and it still balanced on one edge. This was “Equilibrium”, and Victor showed the set-up of the thread on the table as well as how to accomplish “Equilibrium” using the loop on the hand.

A comedy CAAN entitled “Failure To Any Number” followed in which a “wrong” card was found at a randomly named number position. This was proved fully acceptable in the end as all the other cards in the deck were shown to be the “correct” card.

After a short break, the lecture continued with a spectator requesting Victor to perform his version of the “Close-Up Linking Rings” routine. Victor acceded and taught us his method of how to link 2 rings convincingly.

This was followed by his “All Backs” routine using the 4 aces.

Victor is fascinated with sandwich effects. He showed and taught us 3 different sandwich tricks using the 2 Jokers to “trap” the selected card.

It was an enjoyable evening. Victor explained the psychology behind his handling of each of the effects he demonstrated. He concluded by discussing the following which proved to be beneficial to all of us:

  •   How to prepare and set up for a virtual performance.

  •   Important tips for performing in a parlour and close-up settings.

  •   How to invent magic.

  •   How to adapt effects for different audiences such as for children, or for people with


  •   How to incorporate your “branding” into the effects. In his case, he demonstrated

    how to include a pineapple in his act, as his name “pina” is Spanish for pineapple.

  •   The importance of doing research for your effects.

    Most of us have not heard of Victor Pina, but at the end of the lecture, he had become an instant friend of Ring 115. We have found Victor Pina friendly and willing to share whatever he knows with all of us. We could contact him any time after this lecture to discuss with him anything about magic.