SINGAPORE RING 115 - Aug 2022 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Kogi Oberoi

IBM Singapore Ring 115's August meeting was held on the evening of Sunday 15th May 2022 at the Drama Center. The theme was "Magic with Tenyo Products”. We invited a special guest, Mr Tan Tze Ing, who is an avid and well-known collector of Tenyo products in Singapore.


The meeting was co-hosted by John Teo in the first half, and Carson Goh in the second half of the evening. The attendees were 26 members and 1 guest.

The meeting was opened by John Teo drawing attention to our belated 70th anniversary dinner to be celebrated at the Singapore Recreation Club. The event would include a sit-down 7-course Chinese dinner, both stage and walk-around magic performances, lucky draws and goody bags.

Thomas Yeo was the first performer. Tenyo’s “Flash Dice” was enhanced by Thomas using a larger set of 6 dice. The indices on the smaller set of dice, when placed and flipped inside a container, matched the randomly selected values of the larger set of dice. His next 2 effect were not of Tenyo products. He was able to divine the colour of one of 6 sides of a cube enclosed inside a solid box. For his finale, he performed a version of the Fast & Loose con game using 3 spindles and a long chain. A volunteer always failed to find the spindle that would trap the chain when it was unwound around the spindles.

Mr Bottle shared how his training as an actor helps to make his performances of magic better. He also discussed scripting, performing persona, and customising magic to meet the requirements of his spectators. He demonstrated submarine card which he customised to a man walking through a brick wall, and a puzzle concerning passing a coin through a smaller hole. He promoted his special Balestier Road Magic Tour. John Teo and Betsy had attended his tour and they spoke highly of it.

The first dealer presentation was by Goh Yin Xian of Fundamentals. He demonstrated Colour Divination Rod (revelation of one of 6 colour metal rods placed
inside a closed metal tube), Symbol Pro Size (a straight-forward prediction of a chosen ESP symbol), RPG (an object shot at a deck revealed the location of the chosen card), Shadow (a signed blank card in a holder became the signed chosen card) and Colouring Book and Vanishing Crayon.

John Teo showed how energy, in the form of a burst of bright light, was released from his magic wand. With the wand, he produced 3 silks from an empty Lewis Cone. Using the 3 silks, he performed Tenyo’s “Silk Serenade”, a colour changing record effect by Pavel. He followed this with Tenyo’s “Crystal Tube” where the 3 silks loaded into the transparent tube became tied together.

The special presentation of Tenyo products was conducted by both Jeremy Pei and special guest Tan Tze Ing. They had 2 tables full of Tenyo products, including the out-of-print and much coveted 2-volume set Tenyoism books written by Richard Kaufman. Jeremy demonstrated the following Tenyo products: 4th Dimension Trunk

(golf ball from miniature carrying case), Nightmare In Colour (the Professor’s Nightmare rope trick using 3 different colour ropes), Ultra Tube (to solve a miniaturised Rubik’s Cube), and Flash Dice (changing the faces of 6 dice placed inside the container rotated inside a cylinder). Tan Tze Ing related a comprehensive and interesting account of the history of the Tenyo company. He also performed Tenyo’s “Crossroads” (pencil through pencil) and restored the drawing of a wilted flower through Tenyo’s “Mobile Illusion”.

A break of 10 minutes allowed members to patronise the 2 dealers.

After the break, Carson Goh took over the hosting. He also performed 2 Tenyo’s tricks. In “Crystal Cleaver”, he managed to put a small toy sword through a finger ring trapped inside a cube, and in “Mystery Doghouse”, he changed the colour of 3 dogs placed inside 3 pigeon holes.

Kenneth Chia demonstrated Tenyo’s “Occult Board” (a small plastic version of Mental Epic) and then made 2 Tenyo’s packaged products magically appear from his Mac computer. Being an excellent DIY person, Kenneth showed his own large facebook version of Tenyo’s Freer’s tile puzzle called “Perpetual Puzzle”. His final effect was the production of sweets from Tenyo’s Magic Candy Book.

Lim Teck Guan showed his version of Tenyo’s “Crystal Cleaver”. His next 2 effects were not Tenyo products. He passed a sharp penknife and then a playing card through a bill within harming it.

Charles Choo did Tenyo’s Ultra Gravity Box (a version of light and heavy box). He then used Mikame’s “Dream Tunnel” to change a $10 note into a blank piece of paper. Finally, his wind-up toy chicken hopped along to find a volunteer’s chosen card (also not a Tenyo product).

Jeremy Pei returned for the final presentation of the evening. Using 2 sets of Tenyo’s “Magic Cubes”, he performed his own version of mis-made Winnie The Pooh. Finally the cubes changed to the letters I-B-M. He dedicated this to the 70th anniversary of the club.

Lucky draws of a DVD each were won by both John Teo and Jeremy Pei. It was an exciting as well as an educated evening of magic.