SINGAPORE RING 115 - Oct 2022 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Kogi Oberoi

IBM Singapore Ring 115's meeting was held on the evening of Saturday 15th October 2022 in the Function Rm 1, Level 3, National Library Building. The theme was Mental Magic
Coordinator was Kenneth Chia. Unfortunately Alvyn Terence, the co-host, was unwell and did not attend.

John Teo made some announcements. He introduced guest Barry Khoo from Penang with his grandson Codie Koh accompanied by Ezekiel Ong, John's grandson. Tickets for the 70th year celebrations are still available. Also Yellow Ribbon goodie bags were passed to the participants.

Kenneth Chia opened the evening by removing a pack of cards from an outer card box and had a card chosen from it. In the end the card was revealed printed on the sides of a stack of 7 diminishing card boxes.

Barry Khoo threw a paper ball into the audience. The catcher opened the ball and flattened the sheets. These were folded in half and torn several times, randomly mixed and a word selected from one piece. Magically Barry predicted the chosen word to be “conversation”.

Codie Koh, 8 years old, made a powerful introduction and went on to correctly predict the correct insect card the volunteer selected out of 6 cards. By popular demand in his second trick he showed a white and a blue dice in a saucer, removed and put the white in his packet and reproduced it in the saucer.

John Teo was able to match the three words, No, Yes and Maybe chosen by the volunteer out of nearly 130,000 words of the English language, a Max Maven trick.

He then displayed images of monsters Phantom of Opera, Mummy, Dracula and Frankenstein. A volunteer chose the Sole Survivor if they were to fight each other. John matched the choice. He then went on to explain how he had used psychology to make the presentation dramatic whilst the volunteer made choices without influence from him.

Thomas Yeo started with his Magic or Tragic trick. He showed several random numbers written on cards and 8 volunteers had to find the total. It was Magic for those who found the right total and tragic for the others. He then placed a bunch of bananas numbered 1 to 14 on the table of which only 1 was good. By a series of eliminations the only good banana was found and its number matched the prediction. For his last trick he had 5 volunteers and dealt a packet of 5 cards for each. The volunteers shuffled their respective packets and chose a card. The 5 packets were collected randomly and re-dealt in fresh 5 packets. Thomas was able to predict the 5 chosen cards by just asking the stack the chosen cards were in.

Jeremy Pei did a dealer’s demonstration. He presented Jewel Box by TA Walters and predicted the right coloured gem. In his modified version of the ESP cards he achieved a perfect match for all cards chosen by volunteers. A Rubik's cube with numbered faces was mixed and found to total up to 15 for all rows, columns and diagonals. His last trick was the Ultimate FlashBack book test by Larry Becker.

Representing “The Fundamentals”, Goh Yin Xian demonstrated Socks, and showed he was wearing the two random coloured socks the volunteer had chosen from the cards on the table. In Frank Test, his ART test kit changed from positive to negative by blowing on it. With his Predict and Grab trick he was able to match a random instagram post on the volunteer’s phone to that on his phone. His final act was Dr Bill's Impossible Stop Trick where a selected card matched the prediction.
There was a 10 minutes break.

John Teo announced the meeting in November will be one of sales by members and auctions. He thanked Priscilla for organising the 70th anniversary event and George Seam for purchasing a table of tickets. Anyone wishing to entertain the attendees were advised to arrive early and perform as they saw fit at any time before the formal magic show of the evening.

Carson Goh got the audience to use their mobile phones and demonstrated how different dates of the 12 months of 2022 were all Mondays. Simple rules were used to find the dates.

Charles Choo used an ordinary deck of cards and predicted it would be cut at 10D. He challenged 3 volunteers to choose a card and a corresponding coloured envelope to win S$50. Magically no volunteer won. Next he matched randomly chosen coloured clothes pegs to their corresponding images on a board. He followed on by showing 4 red and 4 blue back coloured cards. By a process of random choice and selections all four aces ended up on one side and the indifferent cards on the other. He amazed the audience with a string of beads. Volunteers were asked to choose numbers and pull the beads string. It separated at beads equal to the chosen numbers every time.

Ng Kah King displayed 2 jumbo animal image cards, chosen by volunteers, from a set of 8 on a stand. He then read their minds and drew the animals on blank cards to match.

Lim Teck Guan demonstrated the effect of the Tenyo sword through a credit card. He then asked a volunteer to think of a 2 digit number. He showed six cards in turn with rows and columns of numbers and asked the volunteer to indicate which cards had his number. From that he magically revealed the chosen number.

Zhang Jinming took the audience back to his childhood and the games he used to play. He had 6 cards and a book. The audience eliminated 5 of the six cards he was holding. The remaining card was an image of a paper butterfly. When he opened the book two paper butterflies flew out.

Kogi Oberoi started by vanishing a deck in a burst of flames. He briefly relayed the experience of the Yellow Ribbon charity event and encouraged members to take part in the future. He had done just one trick nearly 30 times at the event and repeated it on the night. It is a version of the Color Monte where the final revelation is the card with the YR run logo. His final trick was silver and copper coins using an invisible purse. The finale was the transformation of the silver coin to a jumbo coin. Jeremy Pei showed a Rubiks cube and a card with colours. A volunteer selected a colour from the card. Jermey read his mind and the randomly mixed cube was solved instantly to match the colour chosen from the card. To add to the amazement, the colours on the card also matched the chosen colour.

Lucky draw winners were Ian Tan and Ben Winner.