SINGAPORE RING 115 - Dec 2022 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Hwee Lang

27 members and 1 guest (Thomas Chan from Malaysia) attended IBM Singapore Ring 115’s last meeting of 2022. The venue was at the Drama Center, and the them was “Paper magic and Self-working Tricks”. The evening was hosted by President John Teo and Vice President Enrico.

Kenneth Chia announced the Club’s upcoming Bali trip scheduled for 24 to 27 February 2023, and kicked off the meeting as the first performer. He invited a volunteer to choose 1 of 3 airline passes, and to name a preferred destination. When the QR code on the chosen airline pass was scanned, it gave exactly the selected destination. The QR codes on the other 2 passes gave different cities and countries as their destinations. In his next effect, Kenneth brought out a long board with 5 starting points and 5 ending points. A volunteer freely chose a starting and an ending point. Kenneth had the volunteer mix 4 pieces of directional routes and place them in-between the starting and the ending points. The ensuing maze of routes showed that the selected starting point ended up at the selected destination. The volunteer won a “$100 plus” prize which turned up to be a can of “100 plus” drink.

Gician Tan demonstrated how 2 ‘locked’, large safety pins could penetrate each other and be magically linked, unlinked and relinked with each other, just like the Chinese Magic Linking Rings.
It was time for a teach-in. John Teo demonstrated and taught a self-working mathematical prediction trick in which a volunteer shuffled and handled a deck of playing cards all by himself and yet John was able to predict the card he would select.

Thomas Yeo took “money laundering” to a different level. Using the popular “Buddha Papers” in various sizes and colours, he transformed black pieces of paper first to a $5, then $10, and finally $50 notes. The $50 turned out to be half printed, which Thomas promptly corrected it. He finished off his act with “Snow Storm In China” where he caused a wad of wet tissue to become bone dry snow-flakes.
Dealer Goh Yin Xian presented a range of magic items which he obtained at a recent magic convention. Among the items available at his booth were forcing dice, dream tunnel, rainbow card, phantom card, White Oz, smoke devices and remote lighting bulbs.

Dealer Jeremy Pei presented an assortment of magic items including those from Magic Makers, for sale at discounted prices from $2 to $60. They included DVDs, card tricks and books.

After the break, DIY Kenneth Chia showed his self-made wooden contraption which could hold a jumbo playing card. He proceeded to cut a jumbo Queen of Hearts into two, and then not only restored her fully, but also produced another Queen of Hearts card (the twin sister).

Ng Kah King produced a flower from a burning stick, and played with a placard with the word “NO” which he changed into “ON”, “OZ”, “YES”, “NEVER” and “ALWAYS”. Using 12 number cards, Kah King used the “PATEO” force so that a volunteer ended up with a number that was predicted in one of 4 envelopes selected by another volunteer earlier.

Charles Choo presented torn and restored piece of paper, rising ash to restored paper, paper to dollar note to Easter egg, and got a volunteer to “read” a crystal ball to reveal the name of a card chosen by another volunteer earlier.

John Teo used Cameron Francis’ “Lie Detector Test” to determine a volunteer’s selected card. He then proceeded to predict 3 other cards a volunteer would select. Not only was he correct in his predictions, he showed that all the other cards in the deck were blank cards. John had a volunteer select a card from a travel deck which had each card in the deck featuring a photograph of a famous city or country in the world popularly visited by tourists. When the deck was spread face downwards on the table, its back design formed a picture of the leaning tower of Pisa, exactly the picture depicted on the Queen of Diamonds card chosen by the volunteer.

Jeremy Pei did an entire act with Tenyo 2023 products to a musical background. His repertoire consisted of Tenyo’s “Size Surprise” where 5 cards transform into varyingly sizes depending on their individual values, “Lucky Strings” where the last of 6 strings left to the performer was attached to a bell, “Mister Danger” where a miniature figure of a person was stabbed at several places with toy daggers and found to be unharmed, and “The Final Piece” where a volunteer was able to select at random one of more than 100 jigsaw pieces that matched the missing piece on an almost completed picture of Mona Lisa.

The evening ended with a lucky draw and two winners, while fellowship and magic item shopping continued late into the night.