SINGAPORE RING 115 - Feb 2023 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Hwee Lang

This evening, IBM Ring 115 took on a new format for its meeting, with magic jamming sessions arranged before and after the magic performance segment. Hosted by Carson Goh and Kenneth Chia, the theme was ‘Story-Telling Magic And Magic With A Message’. The meeting was held at the Drama Centre and attended by 33 members and 9 guests.

John Teo kicked off the performance segment with a story-telling effect. He performed Joe Riding “Three Card Trick Using Four Cards” and shared that this trick was what got him started with magic. Next he did an effect with a message. The message was on how to plan effectively and the trick was a version of Simon Aronson’s “Shuffled Bored”. He showed that he was able to come out with a “plan B” when things went wrong with the outcome of a thoroughly mixed up deck of cards.

Alvin Terence did an effect with four face-up and face-down cards and with an “oil and water” theme. He extended his magic touch to the entire deck and all the red and black cards were revealed to gather together respectively. He added that with interaction and magic exchanges, members and non- members of IBM will learn better, together.

Thomas Yeo presented a green toy worm that appeared to have a life of its own. When a magic wand was placed near the worm, it would climb and curl itself around it, move from bowl to bowl, from hand to hand and wrap itself around his fingers. He urged the audience not to be like the lazy worm.

Connar Stratton, an Australian and a guest for the evening, told how he learnt magic to impress a girl he fancied. He invited the girl to insert a card of her choice into a deck. Despite his friend’s meddling and causing the deck to become mixed up, the cards when laid out, were surprisingly revealed to be all face-up except for only one which turned out to be the girl’s card. With a few dexterous moves, he also transformed a deck of mixed up cards into an arranged deck with all the red and black cards facing opposite directions respectively.

Harapan Ong invited a volunteer to mirror his actions with a deck. When both turned over their top cards, they were different. But, when they switched decks, their top cards were aligned. Even when they dealt out their cards, the cards at which they stopped at, were also the same. He reckoned that when each could see from the other’s perspective, their cards would be similarly aligned.

Next, he invited a volunteer to shuffle a deck with a Chinese character printed on each card and insert a chosen card randomly into the deck. He then placed his hand over the laid out cards and selected a few cards to narrow his prediction of her chosen card. He eventually picked a card but it turned out to be wrong. Explaining that he was better at performing magic in English than in Chinese, he put the remaining cards side by side and together, and they formed an English word ‘ONE’ which amazingly translated into the Chinese character on his wrongly chosen card.

Jeremy Pei highlighted the list of promotional magic items available at his booth. He then presented a red and green coloured paper which he turned into a beautiful paper rose, complete with a green stalk. He then vanished it into a shower of red petals.

Goh Ying Xian demonstrated some of the latest products available at his booth. They comprised the Accumulator Deck, Rainbow Cards, Permanent Record, Loops Legend and Three Card Monte Stands.
The meeting concluded with a lucky draw and three lucky winners, followed by magic jamming session late into the night.