SINGAPORE RING 115 - Mar 2023 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo

March was our AGM (Annual General Meeting). The venue was Function Room 1 of Drama Centre. By 7.30 pm, we got the required quorum (32 members and 16 guests) and the following persons were elected/re-elected:

President: John Teo
Vice-President: Enrico Varella
Hon Secretary: Tan Jui Kuan
Asst Secretary: Alvin Terence
Hon Treasurer: Victor Heng
Asst Treasurer: Ian Tan
Committee Members: Baharudin, Carson Goh, David Fillary, Ian Tan, Tommy Kian Auditors: Kogi Oberoi & Curtis Choy (2023)
Priscilla Thong & Ng Yeow Chong (2024)

The AGM ended at 8.00 pm and all who attended were treated to snacks and drinks.

After the break, Kenneth Chia was the first performer. He did card to teabag, mouth squeaker, trapdoor card, and changed a Sin$50 bill to 3 RM$100 bills. Kenneth was kind enough to give each one present a mouth squeaker.

JK Tan did a card trick with Chinese characters printed on the cards. This was similar to an effect performed by Harapan Ong at the previous meeting, but JK Tan had his own unique presentation for it. Several Chinese character cards mysteriously spelt out in the English language the English equivalent of the chosen Chinese character card.

John Teo transformed 2 sponge eggs into a sponge duck. He had a spectator randomly cut a long strip of paper with 50 different registration numbers for a rubber duck race and found the winning duck number. John then performed an effective Shepard table top optical illusion with a picture of 2 different dimensional gift box covers.

Zhang JinMing had several spectators shuffled a deck of cards, yet he was able to divine the identities of each card in a small packet of cards randomly taken from the shuffled deck.

John Shutler performed a chop cup routine using a paper ball and finished with a magical production of various fruits.
The magician of the month was Ian Tan. As a professional kids magician, Ian shared several points on how to perform more effectively for kids from 3 to 7 years old. He then did a Rabbit In The Hat card effect to illustrate how he used each of these principles.

Dealer Goh Yin Xian demonstrated miniaturised Square-Circle, 3 colours D’lite wand, Burn (finger blister of chosen card), jumbo coins, hot sensation liquid, and 3 card effects from Do Ki-Moon.

Dealer Jeremy Pei showed Bang-Gone, finger chopper, PK ring, Everyone’s A Winner, and frown/smile face.

There was time for magic sessions as well as patronage of the 2 magic dealers. The final item was a lucky draw of magic items for 10 lucky winners.