Written by John Teo

“The Right Card” is Jeremy Pei’s presentation for Nick Trost’s “8 Card Brain Wave”.

A packet of cards is spread to show that it contains 8 different cards.  The performer says that one of these cards is the right or correct card.

A spectator chooses any one of the 8 cards.

This card is taken out of the packet and turned over to show that it has a “tick” mark on its back.  A “tick” means “correct” or “right”.

The performer continues and says that he knows in advance this card will be chosen by the spectator.  That is why he places a “tick” on its back.    

As he says this, he turns over the packet which contains the 7 cards that were not selected by the spectator.

He shows that there are “crosses” on the backs of these cards.  A “cross” denotes “wrong” or “incorrect”.

It is also seen that the cards with the crosses all have blue backs while the back of the selected card is red.

The performer truly knows in advance that this will be the selected card.  He took this card from a red deck of cards while the rest of the cards were taken from a blue deck.

You receive the packet of the 8 special cards.  You also get a link to a video instruction from Jeremy Pei’s personal magic coach section in his web site.  

In the video, Jeremy also shows a possible second phase to this effect.  The performer asks a question: “What happens if you had chosen one of these blue back cards instead of the red back card?”

Jeremy proceeds “I can make your card the “correct” card because it has an “X” – an “X” is famously used to mark the place where a treasure is buried.  Your card is the “treasure” card!

As he says this, he takes the original selected card and places it back in the packet of cards, together with the other cards.  When he turns over the packet, the “X” marks and the blue backs have vanished.  Each card is now seen to have a red back and a “tick” mark on its back!   

There is a card move that is required to perform the effect.  It is taught by Jeremy Pei.  Jeremy also teaches the Chalier Shuffle, a “false shuffle” that appears to hopelessly mix up the cards, but what it does is simply a straight cut of the packet.

Many performer may not want to do the second phase.  Although it has both a symbol and colour change of the backs, it appears to be “overkilled”.  The single phase effect has more credibility and mystery.

Whichever way you want, “The Right Card” is a pack-small and play-big effect that you can carry in your pocket!