Written by John Teo

If you perform card tricks in a parlour setting, you may need a stand to display the cards for better visibility.  A wine glass can serve as a kind of stand to hold a packet of cards or a deck of cards.

If you perform “Sympathetic Cards” you will definitely need a wine glass, in fact, you need two of them.

As the name implies, the Collapsible Wine Glass is a wine glass that can be taken apart into 2 pieces.  One piece is the glass stem and stand, and the other piece is the bowl. 

It is specially designed such that the stem fits snugly onto the base of the bowl and they are also attached together by magnets.  When taken apart, the stem also fits nicely inside the bowl for easy transportation.

A carrying case is also provided.  It is made of hard plastic and opens on hinges and closes with interlocking tabs.

The collapsible wine glass itself is made of PCTG and is unbreakable.  The material is clear and looks exactly like glass.  When fully assembled, the wine glass is about 7.5 inches high.  When collapsed, the 2 pieces fit together and stands at only 4.25 inches tall.

This is a wine glass that is most suitable for displaying playing cards or a deck of cards.  It can also be used to display other magician’s paraphernalia such as silks and coins.  It is unbreakable, it collapses for easy transportation, and comes with a protective carrying case.  This is most wonderful apparatus.  You ought to purchase more than one.  (10/10 stars rating)