ANOMALY by Michael Scanzello

Written by John Teo

Anomaly means a deviation from the norm.  And in this case, it is the transposition of an Ace not into just another card, but into 4 different Kings!

This is the basic effect and it goes like this:  4 Kings and an Ace of Hearts are shown.  The performer takes the Ace of Hearts and places it inbetween the 2 palms of a spectator’s hands.  Nothing can get into or out of her hands.  The performer shows and asks which King the spectator wants to change place with the Ace of Hearts in her hands.  Regardless of the spectator’s reply, the 4 Kings in the performer’s hand become the single Ace of Hearts, and the 4 Kings are shown to be in-between her palms!  The transposition is most visual!  In the end, all the 5 cards can be examined.

You receive 2 sets of Bicycle cards, one set with red backs and one with blue backs.  In each set is a special gimmicked card.  You need to supply your own Bicycle deck of cards. 

You are also provided with a Rapid Training Sheet, and a link to 3 sets of video instructions that feature Michael Scanzello himself.

Michael is a meticulous person, and his attention to details show through in all the 3 sets of video instructions.

Video No 1 features Micheal discussing the history of the effect, care of the gaff, how to make a practice card, how to revitalise the gaff after some time of use, and a comedy Twisting effect.  It runs for 27 minutes. 

The comedy Twisting effect is another good one to do with the Anomaly gaff.  It is similar to Dai Vernon’s Twisting The Aces, but it is more visual, and has an unexpected climax at the end.  4 Kings are facing downwards.  Each one turns over face upwards, except for the King of Hearts.  This card then transforms into the Ace of Hearts, and all the other 3 Kings now become the 3 other Aces.

Video No 2 runs for 24 minutes.  It shows Michael performing and explaining the basic effect called “One For Four”.  Michael also gives a variation where the transposition occurs inside an empty card box instead of in-between the spectator’s palms.

Video No 3 runs for 42 minutes.  In this video, Michael explains a variation called “No King Left’.  In this effect, 4 Aces are shown and they are placed inside an empty card box.  4 Kings are next shown.  They change into the 4 Aces, and the 4 Aces placed inside the card box earlier now become 4 blank face cards!

There is a rountine called “Chosen” in which a card is selected and lost in the deck.  The performer shows the 4 Kings.  3 of the Kings transform into the 3 Aces except for the King of the same suit as the spectator’s chosen card.  This King then changes into the spectator’s selected card.  A variation of this effect called “Signed” is also taught where the chosen card is signed.

The Anomaly gaff is actually a tool for transforming the 4 Kings into the 4 Aces.  Once you understand the application, you can create your own routines.  Of all the different effects and variations shown by Michael in the videos, the “One For Four” routine has the greatest impact because the transformation, which is quite visual, takes place in-between a spectator’s palms.  (9/10 stars rating)