HOLE by Michael Chatelain

Written by John Teo

Michael Chatelain has a reputation of coming out with direct yet impossible looking card effect using gimmick that is not easily detectable.

This is the first effect in the series. A red back card with a circular hole cut out in its centre is shown and examined by the spectators. It is then hinged to a card taken from a deck of cards on their short edges with a sticky circular label. The 2 cards can be opened like a landscape book. Because of what is about to happen, the label is first signed before it is fixed to the 2 cards, to make sure it is the same label at the end of the trick.

A card is taken from the deck and also signed. This card is inserted at right angles between the 2 hinged cards. Its signed face can be seen through the circular cut-out in the red back card. The entire “sandwich” cards are shown front and back to ensure that everything is what it should be.

Slowly, the sandwiched signed card is brought to the hinged edge and then it penetrates the hinged label! The hinged cards are undone, and everything can be examined by the spectators.

You receive a hole card, a specially gimmicked card, some sticky circular labels, and an instructional DVD. Bicycle cards are used, and when ordering, you should specify whether you want the gimmicked card to be of red or blue back. In the DVD, Michael also describes how you can construct a simpler form of the gimmick yourself.

The penetration of the sandwiched card through the label hinge is clean and direct. This makes the effect seems so impossible that no amount of sleight-of-hand can duplicate it. The effect is guaranteed to wow any spectator. (9/10 stars rating.)