Written by John Teo

There are a lot of gimmicked deck of cards available to magicians.

They are specially constructed to enable the performer to achieve a particular effect otherwise not possible with sleight-of-hand.

The Mental Photography deck enables the performer to achieve the following effect.

The deck of cards is taken out of its case and spread widely to show that all the cards are blanks on both sides. The printer has forgotten to print faces and backs on these cards.

With a magical gesture, a card appears in the middle of the spread. This card is cut to the face of the deck. When the entire deck is turned over, a back shows.

The cards are then riffled from one hand onto the other hand. The entire deck now can be seen to comprise cards with faces and backs, just like in a normal deck of

But this is all an illusion. With a magical gesture, the face card becomes blank.

The entire deck is spread between the hands and, like before, every card is shown to be blanks on both their faces as well as on their backs.

You are supplied with this special deck in poker sized cards.

The instructions are in the form of a small printed note card. You are also provided with a link to a short video performance and tutorial.

With some practise, you will soon get the knack of handling this deck. It is easy to perform and has no performing angle problems.

The effect is fast and surprising. For a well-made deck of cards, $15 is a small investment. But a special discount off this price is available at the meeting.