FADEAWAY by Chris Philpott

Written by John Teo

Chris Philpott is a creative magician and has the knack of coming up with quirky magical effects or taking something standard and making it outlandish.

“Fadeaway” is a case in point of the second fact.

Chris takes R.W.Hull’s “Mental Photography Deck” and makes the cards slowly fade into blanks, instead of the original versioN where the cards instantly becomes blank on both sides.

In the “Mental Photography Deck”, the entire deck is shown to consist of cards blank on both sides. With a magical gesture, the faces and backs of the cards in the deck become printed with proper faces and back design. Just as quickly, the cards in the entire deck become blank on both sides again.

In the “Fadeaway Deck”, Chris has a card chosen from what seems to be a regular deck of cards. He then causes the cards to slowly fade away until all cards in the deck now become blank on both sides, except for the chosen card, which is the only card that has a proper face and a back. To see the entire deck of cards slowly fading away is truly a magical moment of wonderment for the audience. Both the faces as well as the backs of the cards can be seen to be slowling dissolving away.

You receive this special deck of cards plus a link to a more than an hour of tutorial featuring Chris himself as well as several of his magician friends showing various ways of performing the Fadeaway Deck.

Chris gives 2 versions: an easy and straight-forward one, and another slightly more involved version. Included in the deck is a comedy “ERROR 404 card not found” card. Here is how it is used. The performer wishes to cause the chosen card, which was lost in the middle of the deck, to rise to the top card. The magician fails in this attempt. When the top card is turned over, it is not the chosen card, but an ERROR 404 card. This means the entire deck of cards is going to “crash”. It does, and the deck is shown to slowly fade away into blank cards except for the chosen card.

In the tutorial, Steve Valentine demonstrates several ways of magically making the ERROR 404 card appear in the deck. Michael Rangel as well as Tom Frank show different methods of making the ERROR 4040 card pops up from the middle of the deck. Apollo Robbins contributes an interesting colour change of the bottom card of the deck. These are ideas for you to use with the Fadeaway Deck.

Imagine you have performed a series of card tricks using an ordinary deck of cards. You then secretly switch to the Fadeaway Deck and perform Fadeaway as your final trick. It makes a very nice and meaningful finish to your card magic.


(Rated 4.5/5 stars).