Written by John Teo

Manufactured by: Marchand de Trucs (France)

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“Social Networks” is a deck of cards, similar in size to poker playing cards, but containing the following sets of specially printed cards:

Emoji cards: 4 sets of 5 emojis: happiness, laughter, anger, sadness and love; 1 set of 9 emojis with no emotions; 1 double-face (love/anger) emoji;

5 Instagram communication snap shot cards, each of them corresponds to each of the 5 emotions of the emoji cards;

Message cards: comprising 9 red “thumbs down” cards, and 9 blue thumbs up cards;

1 double-back card.

There are altogether 54 cards housed inside a nice card box designed as a box to a social media card game called “Social Netwrokd The Game”.

The backs of all the cards are also cleverly and secretly marked so that you can easily tell what are on their faces.

These cards are created to take

advantage of the current popularity

of social media. They are not

designed for a new effect in magic.

They are created to correspond

with cards that magicians commonly use for their magic.

For example, the 5 emojis can be used instead of the usual 5 ESP symbols. Therefore, whatever effects a magician performs using the ESP symbols can now be performed using the emoji cards. This makes the tricks more current, relevent and attractive.

You receive a deck of nicely printed and good quality social network cards, and a link to a video tutorial. In the video, French magician Maxime Schucht takes you through 5 routines using these cards.

1. Out Of This Digital World – as the name implies, this is the “out of this world” effect performed using the 9 red “thumbs down” and 9 blue “thumbs up” message cards. This presentation shows how a person from a modern generation is able to retain control and is not easily distracted by the constant bombarded of social media. The performer plays a social media video clip by Ulysse Thevenon on his mobile phone and asks a lady spectator to watch this video while dealing out a packet of 18 cards randomly into 2 piles. In the end, she is plesantly surprised that she has subconsciously separated the cards into a pile containing all the 9 red “thmbs down” cards and another pile containing all the 9 blue “thumbs up” cards. This presentation is based on works done by Paul Harris and Pete McCabe.

2. Obsession – a spectator imagines she is obsessed by one of the 5 emotions depicted by the 5 emojis. The performer deals cards from a small packet of emoji cards, and the spectator calls “stop” at any time. The card stopped at turns out to be the emotion that the spectator is obsessed with. The other cards are turned over to show that they are emojis without any emotions. This indicates that a person can be so obsessed with an emotion that she ignores any other form of emotions.

- 17 -

3. Empathy – the spectator shows that she can empathise with the performer by herself dealing cards from a small packet of emoji cards and stopping at any card she wishes. A prediction of this card was earlier posted by the performer in the spectator’s facebook. An excellent effect to get yourself promoted to all the friends of your spectator.

4. Mirror Empathy – 2 spectators are involved in this effect, with the performer acting as a psychic channel between them. One spectator thinks of one of the 5 emojis. The other spectator deals a packet of emoji cards and instinctively stops at 2 cards. She then selects one of these 2 cards. This turns out to be the very emotion chosen by the first spectator. The card that was discarded turns out to be of another emotion.

5. Timeline – the performer and the spectator are each given a packet of the 5 emoji cards. Not only is the performer able to match each of the 5 emojis chosen by the spectator, with his packet of cards, he is also able to divine a secret friend of the spectator.

“Social Networks” enables you to make your favourite mental tricks more current by using cards printed with social media symbols. The emoji cards are great to use because mental effects usually involve human emotions.

Although “Social Networks” is a tool for magicians and mentalists to use with their favourite card effects, all the 5 effects taught in the tutorial are great mental tricks. You can also learn from Maxime Schucht’s performance. I particularly like his presentation of the “Out Of This World” trick. It is certainly one of the better versions I have seen of this effect. You are also taught a nice peek envelope from one of the routines. (5/5 stars rating)

Highly Recommended!