DRAGSTER by Magic Smith

Written by John Teo

Dragster is a specially designed Hot Rod paddle effect.

The performer displays a small translucent rod that has 4 sides. There are 6 different colour spots on each of the 4 sides.

A spectator names any number from 1 to 6. The performer counts to the colour spot at that number. It is a red spot.

With a flick of the rod, all the 6 spots now turn to red in colour, on each of the 4 sides.

With another shake of the rod, they change back to the 6 different colours. Another move with the rod and the spots all change back to red colour. The rod is taken into the fist of one hand. When the hand is opened, the rod has vanished! It is reproduced from the performer’s pocket. This rod, with all the spots in red colour on 4 sides, can be given out for examination.

You receive the special 4 sided translucent rod, and another similar rod with red spots on all 4 sides to be switched out for examination at the end of the performance. You also receive a printed sheet of instructions as well as a video CD.

This “hot rod” is different from the classical hot rod in the following ways:

1. The audience can see the colour spots on all 4 sides. In the usual hot rod, the colour spots are on the front and back of the rod only.

2. There is no need for the spell force. The spectator can freely name any number from 1 to 6, including “1” and “6”, and they will get the force colour.

3. There is a switch-out rod for examination.

This specially designed rod is constructed based on Lubor Fielder’s principle used in his Shock Dice. The illusion that you can see all 4 sides is truly fantastic.

With this specially constructed rod, all the usual moves you use with a paddle, such as the paddle move, rotation change, shake change, and snap change, take on the a new level of deception. These various moves are explained in the short video CD. You use them in performing Dragster.

A most wonderful prop that enhances the paddle effect.


(Rated 5/5 stars).