THE BLUR by Mathieu Bich & Garrett Thomas

Written by John Teo

You will rub your eyes with disbelief after you have watched a performance of “The Blur”. So what is “The Blur”?

The effect in brief is that all the faces of the 51 cards in the deck become blur except for a freely chosen card, and then they turn back to become normal looking again.

Here is the effect in greater detail as the audience see it, so that you can decide if you like it.

The performer shows that a deck of cards consists of 52 different cards. He has a spectator touch any one of the face-up cards.

The spectator is told to focus on her chosen card. Suddenly, all the cards in the deck is shown to be blur looking, except for the chosen card, and the back design of the cards. There is even a blur Joker card. This card is taken out and put aside.

It is time for the performer to put things right. The deck of cards is held face downwards and the blur Joker is inserted into the middle of the deck in a perpendicular direction to the deck. The performer flicks his fingers onto the protruding Joker and it falls onto the table. When it lands on the table, the Joker face changes back to looking normal. The entire deck is turned face up and all the 52 cards now go back to looking normal.

You receive a specially printed deck of cards and an illustrated printed sheet of instructions.

The effect is easy to perform and does not require any sleight-of-hand. The spectator has quite a wide range of different cards to choose from. Except for the chosen card, all the other 51 cards can be shown to be blur. The 52 different cards can be shown to be normally printed at the start. The change of the faces of the cards is quite instanteous and visual.

Resetting the deck is easy. This, together with the fact that a spectator can choose different cards each time, make “The Blur” a very good trick to perform in table hopping.

The fact that people have never seen a blurry printed card makes “The Blur’ a novel effect to the audience. You are bound to get a very good reaction from your audience.

The negatives for “The Blur” is the deck itself. The deck is a one trick pony and cannot be used to perform other card tricks. The back design of this deck is proprietory to Tenyo. This means it is not possible to switch to a popular deck such as the bicycle deck used by most magicians so that they can continue performing other card effects after performing “The Blur”.


(Rated 4.5/5 starts)