Written by John Teo

As the name suggests, “Magical Candy Box” is designed for making candies appear inside an empty box.

Its construction is very similar to the classic metal dove pan, except that this product is made of plastic, and it can also cause the candies to vanish when placed inside the box. A dove pan is not made to vanish a dove placed inside it.

You receive the nicely made box measuring 5 inches wide x 5 inches long x 2 inches high. It comes in the following colours: red, blue, yellow, green, or black. You also receive a small sheet of illustrated instructions printed on both sides.

The colour is bright and the mechanism in the box works smoothly.

Here is how the box works. Take the lid off the box and show that it is empty. Replace the cover over the box and make a magical gesture. When the lid is taken off again, a load-full of candies can be seen inside the box. Put the lid back onto the box and make another magical gesture. When the lid is taken off, the box is now empty inside. The working is smooth and there is no suspicious movement when making the transition from the appearance to the vanish of the candies.

This is a utility device. Some of the effects possible with this box are:

Vanish an item in the box and make it reappear elsewhere in an impossible location.

    Vanish an item and make it reappear inside the box.

Restore a torn piece of paper.

Change a $10 note to $50.

Write the name of an item on a piece of paper and it will materialise into the actual

thing in the box.

Ghost writing – cause the name of a chosen object or card to magically appear on

a piece of blank paper.

Change a wrong prediction to the correct one.

Transform a black and white drawing into a colourful one.

- 17 -The use is only limited by your imagination. If you purchase 2 boxes, you can cause an object to travel invisibly from one box to the other.

The box can be used for stage or parlour performances. It is suitable for both adult and kids shows. (Rated 5/5 stars)